004 Deploy and Debrief [podcast]

Did you accept a mission? Great! Now let’s accomplish it…

In this episode:


1. Deliberate Decision

2. Immovable Deadline

3. Measurable Result


1. Powerful Plan

2. Peer Partner

3. Public Proclamation


1. Training

2. Tracking

Public Speaker Training

In my recent public speaking survey the #1 response (by far) out of nine choices was “How to create great speeches and presentations.”

If you’ll trust me with one evening of your time, I will show you how to create great presentations/speeches you can’t wait to give and audiences can’t wait to hear.

For the first time ever I am doing a live web event to share my Perfect Presentation Formula. This is exactly what I use every time I speak. It’s solid, simple, and it works.

The #1 reason people fear public speaking is lack of clarity. When you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it – fear disappears. This Thursday you’re going to get a foolproof way to design and deliver your message.

You will never wonder again if your presentation is rock solid.

Here’s the biggest question you should be asking right now. “Can Paul actually speak?” “Is he any good?” “Do people want to hear him again and again?”

I’ve got some testimonials right here…


But testimonials can be faked, right?

So go to…


Scan down to May 24. Yep, just last week, I was speaking at the Ohio Growth Summit and feedback from attendees is right in my tweet stream. That can’t be faked.

After more than 30 years of speaking experience (I started at age 12), you’ll be getting my exact system for creating valuable content that leaves audiences thrilled.

And the medium doesn’t matter. This is not limited to the stage. You can use this formula on any platform…

Any mode of communication!

Now, I didn’t put together a long sales page to talk you into buying. You either want to be a captivating speaker or you’re already there. You know if you’ve got the goods or not. You know if you get invited back or not. You know if you’re boring or not. (At least I hope you know this. I’ve met plenty of speakers who were human tranquilizers and didn’t realize it. Even with folks snoring on the front row!)

If you want to…

Speak with confidence. Speak with power. Engage your audience. Create presentations quickly and easily. Then make sure you don’t miss The Perfect Presentation Formula.

Even if you cannot attend live, you will get the replay. HOWEVER, if you can make it live this Thursday, 7 pm CST, then you will get to ask questions and get on the spot coaching and consulting.

Are you in? Are you ready to rock your platform?


Speak with Passion or Just Leave Me a Note,

P.S. We will actually create a presentation LIVE on Thursday – from scratch! You will supply the topic, and you’ll see exactly how to use The Perfect Presentation Formula instantly.



The Sin-Less Formula

Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

1. Write down the top 3 sins you face the most.

2. Look up passages relating to staying strong against those.

3. Memorize.

4. When the thought/act comes up quote the verse(s) out loud.

Extra Credit…

1. Stay aware of reactions during the day. (Like wanting to cuss that teen driver that cuts you off in traffic. Or wanting to give the one finger salute.)

2. Find passages related.

3. Memorize.

4. Quote when the situation hits again…

Proverbs 7:7
I saw among the simple, I noticed among the young men, a youth who had no sense.

Oh, wait, that’s not right…. ahem…

Proverbs 15:18
A hot-tempered person stirs up conflict, but the one who is patient calms a quarrel.

Public Speaking Survey Results

A few weeks ago I sent out a survey related to public speaking and presenting. Here are the results…

Also, I asked how many people would be interested in monthly video training to help their speaking for only $37 a year (which many thought was a misprint). 85.71% said yes. I’ll be working on putting that together.

As you can see above 64.57% want to know how to create great presentations and speeches.So that’s where we will begin. Even though Instant Speaking Success is a great resource, being able to attend live training is better.

Mark this date… May 31, 7pm CST. That’s when I am going to be holding a special webcast called “The Perfect Presentation Formula.” I’ll show you step by step how to design and deliver a presentation with clarity, confidence and connection.

I’ll send you a link and more details in a couple of days.

Speak with Passion or Just Leave Me a Note,


ATL Airport…

AirLady #1: Can I help you?

Me: I’m trying to get an earlier flight home.

AirLady #1: Let me see your ticket.

I had it over. She looks it over. Then looks me over. Then hands it back.

AirLady #1: Yes, we can help you. Please enter the line.

I’m the only one in line.

But I stand there waiting.

6 people are waiting to help me. Unfortunately, none of them look up. So I give a subtle, southern cough.

AirLady #2: Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you, please step up.

Me: No problem. They discriminate against the short man around here. These are some of the highest counters I’ve ever seen! 😉

AirLady #2 (grins.)

I’m working the magic, this is going to turn out OK.

AirLady #2: What can I help you with?

Me: I’m trying to get an earlier flight.

AirLady #2: Let me see your boarding pass.

I hand it over.

She types.

AirLady #2: Yes, we can get you on a flight. It will be $50.

Me: Oh, I just want to do standby.

AirLady #2: (Whispering) We aren’t supposed to mention standby. It doesn’t really exist.

Me: (Whispering) That’s weird because I flew standby to get here 4 hours early.

AirLady #2: I know. It’s strange like that.

Me: OK. I will go down to my gate and ask there.

AirLady #2: That’s a good idea.

I walk 60 feet down to the gate.

I approach AirLady #3 at my gate.

Me: I’d like to see if I could get on this flight.

AirLady #3: Sure. Let me check…. uh-huh, looks to be room. I can’t confirm it yet, but I can put you on the standby list.

Me: (whispering) that doesn’t exist.

AirLady #3: (Smiling) That’s right. I’ll put you on the waiting list then. Listen for your name about 20 minutes before boarding.

Me: Thank you nice AirLady.

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003 Define and Design [podcast]

[T]he first step of the mission is defining and designing the journey. Without clarity it’s easy to get wiped out in the process.

Click the arrow to play…   [powerpress]


In this podcast we’ll hit the critical components of defining and designing the mission…

  • Who will the mission impact?
  • What will the ultimate outcome be?
  • When will the mission be engaged?
  • Where will the mission take place?
  • How will the mission be accomplished?

Don’t let the simplicity of those questions throw you. There’s a lot of work behind each to get each mission on track.

002 The Trilogy Protocol [podcast]

[E]arly in life I wanted to be a superhero, especially The Hulk. Alas, a lack of size and gamma-radiation prevented my transformation. However, we can all be a superhero in our own way…

Paul B Evans Podcast - Live Your Mission


In this episode…

  • 3 A’s to the Protocol
  • 3 Initiatives to Make the Mundane a Mission

How to Turn the Mundane into a Mission

[D]oes today feel like déjà vu?

Do all your days seem to run together? Do you collapse at night knowing you’ve been “busy,” but you’re not sure what you accomplished?

Take these three initiatives to turn the mundane into a mission…

Initiative 1: Detail the To Do.

Most of us keep a mental list of what we have to do. But are you keeping a physical list? And if it is physical is it shorthand or long-hand? Put the details in your list.

“Listen to 30 minutes of Andy Stanley’s “Be Rich” on the way to work. Yesterday, Andy covered ________.”

That’s better than… “Listen to spiritual growth stuff.”

The more specific we are, the more important our minds label the task.

Maybe you’re picking up your son and 3 friends for a game. You might write down something like… “Carpool.”

Sure, that’s what you’re doing technically. But you can make it missional by focusing on the kids’ names and thinking a minute about their home life. Then talk with them with purpose along the way. That way you’re not just running an errand, you’re interacting & impacting.

“Pick up Zack, Steven, & Lincoln for soccer.” Could be the detail, here’s how to make it a mission…

Initiative 2: Define the Benefit

After detailing your to do, define the benefit. Write down at least one possible positive outcome for each task.

“Listen to 30 minutes of Andy Stanley’s “Be Rich” on the way to work. Learn new insights about money. Become be more conscious of the way I spend each dollar.”

“Pick up Zack, Steven, & Lincoln for soccer. Comment on the good grades I heard Zack got, check on Steven’s sister, ask about Lincoln’s family vacation. This will help me develop a caring attitude for others and be interested in what’s going on with them and build them up at the same time.”

Do either of those look like… spiritual growth stuff or carpooling? No.

Don’t both have more importance and weight? You know it.

Initiative 3: Describe the Value

At the end of each day or at the end of each week perform a detailed review.

Michael Hyatt schedules 2 hours on Sunday evenings for his weekly review and planning. (This is part of his Create Your Life Plan workbook.)

Does that sound like overkill? Yeah… IF you want to remain mundane.

When you review your week write down exactly how you grew and how you helped others. Again, be specific. You will be amazed at the amount of good you are doing that you’ve written of mentally. You’ll begin to recognize the impact you’re having that’s you’ve been ignoring. And you’ll never hit the pillow at night and wonder if you accomplished anything.

“I escaped a completely worthless purchase on Tuesday because of Andy’s teaching. That money can be put in Sharon’s college fund instead.”

“Zack smiled when I asked about his grades.”

These things might seem small, but they’re not. Each time we detail, define and describe our tasks we fill them with more meaning. We no longer have anything we do that’s mundane, instead it all becomes a mission.

Live Your Mission,

Why I Am Happy 92% of the Time

[I]t might be a little higher than 92%, but I didn’t want to brag. And I am not afraid at all for you to talk to any of my friends and family to find out if I am telling the truth.

It’s said that happiness is based on circumstances, while joy is based in the Holy Spirit. Joy is NOT determined by circumstances. We can all have it regardless of our situation.

Our son, Sam. He’s happy a lot too.

However, I AM talking about being happy.  This is about creating circumstances that produce happiness.

In order to get and stay happy some nouns  (people, places and things) may have to change. More importantly, you may have to change (I know I did!)

Before getting to the 6 Habits of Ridiculous Happiness here’s a quick test to help you determine if you have the raw materials necessary to make happiness easier.

Personal Happiness Test: Do you feel that a lot of life happens TO you? Or do you feel that a lot of life happened BECAUSE of you?

If you answered TO, then you’re going to have a tough time being happy. You most likely have a “victim” mindset. Nothing goes your way. The world is against you. You’re self-focused.

If you answered BECAUSE, then you’re going to have an easy time being happy. You most likely have a “contributor” mindset. A lot just seems to go your way. The world is waiting for your next action. You are others-focused.

The good news is that every TO person can become a BECAUSE person. Every BECAUSE person can become a BE-CAUSE person. This will help…

6 Habits of Ridiculous Happiness

Habit #1: Love.

Loved by God. John 3:16. I take that verse very seriously (and I don’t take much seriously at all).

It seems like a lot of folks on the planet are searching for acceptance. John 3:16 takes care of that. That makes me happy. (Of course you have to accept this truth. If you keep making that “why I’m worthless” list you’re never gonna have a permanent smile.)

Love others.  You may recognize this as “the second commandment.” Loving others makes you happier. You think about people and smile. You look for ways to carry out…

Habit #2: Helping Others

This is a BIG key to happiness. When we serve others I’m convinced it releases some sort of happy chemical. Doing something cool or sweet for someone unleashes a wave of goodness. You can…

Help an old lady get her groceries in her car.

Give a smile to the cashier.

Serve in a local mission or soup kitchen.

Sponsor an orphan.

Write a thank you note.

Leave a gigantic tip. (I did this at Waffle House last week and the waitress screamed so loud I could hear her at my car.)

Warning: there will be times when you serve and get rejected. The old lady might hit you with her cane. The cashier might give you the one finger wave. The waitress might take your tip and say, “It’s about time.”

Happiness is about the action you take, not the response you get.

Helping Others is something we all CAN and SHOULD do everyday to be happier. If you’re self-centered I think you deserve to be miserable.

Habit #3: Laughter.

I love to laugh and love to help other people laugh. If you want to be happier, you need to get funnier. Or at least get a sense of humor if you don’t have one.

One of the best things about Facebook is the number of funny sayings, images and video that are shared. You don’t have to be funny. On Facebook others can be funny for you.

Certainly you need to be able laugh at yourself. Most of my keynote speeches open with a segment called, “The Advantages of Being Short.” I make fun of myself while clearly pointing out that tall people will all be my height one day. :) We all have a good time and folks find out that I’m not some serious speaker that’s come to drain them of life through boredom.

How can you help others laugh more?

Habit #4: Work.

If you HATE your work it’s gonna be tough to be happy. Hate and happy just don’t go together. They’re not good dance partners.

On the other hand, if you love your work and who you work with and who you work for it’s much easier to be happy.

“Paul, you don’t know my boss. He’s a real jerk! You’d be miserable to if he was your commander.”

Go back to Habit #2. If you can’t beat them; serve them.

Heads up: If you’ve hated every job you’ve ever had you must find the problem. What’s the ONE thing all those jobs had in common…. Ah… YOU!

Since you can’t fire yourself, make yourself better and your work will be better. And you’ll be happier.

Habit #5: Wiring.

Worry kills happiness.

OK, I’ve got an advantage here. I’ve never been a worrier. Some of my friends are though. I’ve seen them in mental wrestling matches with the great “What If?” The matches can go on for days, even weeks.

I knew I could never compete with them in the arena, so I decided not to worry. I mean some of these folks are real pros!!!

I’m not a psychologist so I can’t make you stop worrying. And I don’t know a magic formula – but I do recommend you go to YouTube and type in “Bob Newhart Stop It.” That might help.

Habit #6 Quit

I’m a quitter. I say that with no shame. Any job or activity that made me sad long-term I quit. That’s right. I did not battle through. Did not stay the course. I quit.

Noooooo….. don’t start quitting everything. You can’t just up and quit your job, but…

You can quit things that don’t help with happiness.

Quit smoking so you’ll be healthier.

Quit eating out so much so you’ll be wealthier.

There are a lot of things we could quit immediately that would help, right?

Why not make a list? During the week when you feel blah or sad write down why. Then determine if you can change what’s creating that feeling. If you can, then do it.

A caution here, though. It’s not about OUR happiness. People have done a lot of dumb, hurtful and harmful things in pursuit of happiness. Our happiness is not to come at the sacrifice or damage of others.

What’s keeping you from being happy?

Live Your Mission,

Taking Every Thought Captive

2 Corinthians 10:5
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Much of our daily battle takes place in our minds.

What we THINK someone said. What we BELIEVE someone will do. And a lot of the time our minds go straight to the negative, right?

These thoughts are against the KNOWLEDGE – the truth – of what we really know.

Thought > “I am a failure.”

Truth> “I am a conqueror!” (Rom 8:37)

You take the thought captive through truth.

See how it works?

As different worries, struggles, weaknesses hit your head today put them under arrest!

The PoPo

I’m at http://www.winshaperetreat.org/ attending the http://www.scorreconference.com/

Ran 6 miles this morning. Got pulled over by the PoPo.

PoPo: Excuse me sir.

Me: Yes, officer.

PoPo: Sir, we don’t allow running out on the roads around here.

Me: (looking around) Am I supposed to run through the woods? How does this work?

PoPo: (smiling) No sir. There’s a running trail about 20 yards to the right.

Me: So if I just break through the underbrush I can reach it?

PoPo: No sir. That would not be a good idea. Dangerous. Sorta like this road you’re on now. The young people around here don’t pay attention. You could get run over.

Me: You’ve got some strange kids. 4:30 am. Where I’m from no kids get up this early.

PoPo: (Laughing). Here neither. Just keep running. I’ll pull in behind you until you get to the turn off for the trail.

Me: AWESOME! I’ve never received a police escort!

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