Make More. Give More. Live More.

Ray Edwards is an to-level copywriter and business consultant. I met him in person a few weeks ago at Inc. Magazine in NYC. Now I am thrilled to place him among my friends who build people and business for God’s glory.

Ray recently interviewed me for his podcast. In this interview, you’ll discover – as Ray puts it…

  • How to “live your mission”.
  • Paul’s unique philosophy of how to make more… so you can give more… and live more.
  • The jaw-dropping story of how Paul’s wife died in his arms…and the amazing nature of what happened next.
  • How you can be at least three times as productive using Paul’s startlingly simple system.

Click here for the interview.






Little Lady

Airport Check In

A little lady is working the counter. It is so good to see that short-people-discrimination is not in play here.

She can barely see over the counter. Which is awesome because I can barely see over the counter myself.

Our eyes meet.

We can see each other from the eyes up, but that’s it. We’ve got no clue if the other has a nose or mouth.

Little Lady: Next

I step up. I know the system.

State name.

Hand over driver’s license or passport.

Since I am headed to Dallas I hand over my driver’s license. The one with the picture I made the sour state worker retake 5 times because I did not want it to look like I had pulled a bender.

Little Lady: Nice photo. (OK, I made that part up.)

Little Lady: Mr. Evans did you check in online?

Me: Yes. Ma’am.

Little Lady: Is Dallas your final destination?

Me: Yes. Ma’am.

Little Lady: I see you are in 17C. Would you be opposed to an exit row?

Me: No. Ma’am. (I give a slight grin. Unfortunately she can’t see it because of the counter.)

Little Lady: I’ll put you in 12A. That will get you closer to the front and give you a little extra legroom.

Me: Thank you ma’am! As you can tell I need it!

I winked and walked away.

It’s good to be short.

Don’t grow. Stay low.

Paul Evans

Live Your Mission!