No Traffic Jams

“There is never a traffic jam on the extra mile.” Zig Ziglar.

We live in a world of minimums.

What the minimum amount of work I can do to get by, not get fired, and still get that check I complain about?

What’s the last minute I can leave and possibly get to the destination on time?

What’s the lowest tip I can leave and not look cheap?

This is why it’s so easy to become a standout in today’s world. The “average” majority is just that… average.

Let’s walk a little farther…

Work hard.

Be early.

Tip big.

(Pet peeve alert: Listen, if you are using a calculator or a “tip card” to figure out how much to tip… you’re cheap. Period. Leave something that thrills the person. Maybe they even have to rush to the bathroom! :) )

And those are just 3 examples of how to go the extra mile.

(Can you believe it? Working hard. Being early. Tipping big. Those are extra mile things in today’s society. Isn’t that sad?)

So let’s go the extra mile in every area… It takes 2 steps.

1. Notice where you usually stop.

2. Keep going.

You won’t be stopped or slowed… no traffic jams.

Paul Evans

Live Your Mission!