Hang Out With Your Audience

David likes Mugshots hamburgers. Knows the lyrics to every 80’s hit. Is down from 463 to 412 pounds. Carrie’s favorite color is orange. Has 3 girls and a boy. Can rock a stage as a speaker like nobody’s business. Chances are good you did not know about Mugshots or the color orange simply because you […]

Eat with Your Audience

My boys and I love Waffle House. Maybe it’s the golden waffles. Maybe it’s the bacon. Maybe it’s the risk associated with less than stellar health ratings. Regardless, we talk, we laugh we have a blast. That’s usually what happens when sharing a meal. So here’s the suggestion… take your audience out to eat. Literally. […]

Mom Turns 70

My mom turns 70 today! For most of my time at home she was a single parent. I was a mess. And they had not diagnosed or medicated whatever it was i had! httpv://youtu.be/TgBVMfE0J20 But she worked hard. Supported me and my sister, and I look back with a lot of smiles and great memories! […]

Back in Time

Too often we’re scared to launch our site, article, book or product because it is not good enough. I shall now prove to you once and for all that you should ship NOW! Once you feast your eyes on one of my early websites you will know that it is possible to engage your audience […]

Platform Conference

Notes from Platform Conference Ken Davis just finished his keynote called WOW! WOW is Pretty, Practical & Personal. Under personal, he said… “Be You.” Yet often we look to someone else to imitate. Why do we do that? Here’s my guess… Deep down we all want to be accepted as we are. We want people […]