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Spark Results

Here’s the thing. I like my ADHD. It’s not a disorder to me at all. However, it does make it difficult to focus at times.

Believe it or not, I use an energy drink to give me focus, while keeping my processing speed. :) (The reason I have never medicated is because my friends say their meds dull them and slow them down. I don’t want that.)

So what I use is Spark. I’ve tried every sort of focus product on the market and it works the best for me. It keeps my sarcasm sharp and my productivity high. Here are three more things it does for me…

#1 Fierce focused. All the the scattered thoughts I usually have go away and I’m like a laser.

#2 Zero zig and drop. Some performance drinks make you jittery and then you drop you like a brick and you become lulled and need a nap. Neither happen to me with Spark, but they have with other products I’ve tried.

#3 Scientifically solid. I don’t trust most supplement companies. I was in bodybuilding and powerlifting and even owned a gym at one time. Most of the manufacturers of supplements just squeak by the FDA. Spark is scientifically solid.

Now then…

Spark is produced by Advocare, which is a direct marketing company.

“Oh No!!!!!!!!”

I hear you! Those mean ol “pyramid schemes!” 😉

First of all, you do NOT need to join Advocare to get Spark! Yaaaaaaaaay! You can go here and get you some.

Second, if you decide you want to save 20% on every order you can become a “distributor” and get 3 boxes of Spark when you checkout. That’s what I did because I’m not just using Spark there are several other products I love.


There’s another advantage to becoming a distributor. You’ll be able to ask me questions about products, what I’m using, and if you decide to encourage others to give Spark or other supplements a try, I’ll help with that too.

Click here to try Spark for yourself.

Success is NOT an Accident!



#pbelifetip why I don't care what folks think about me and why you shouldn't get wrapped up in what others think about you. Beware the 32%!! 😉

Posted by Paul B Evans on Monday, August 17, 2015

2,343 Babies Interviewed

025 Live On Purpose

Had breakfast with my buddy Jon this morning. Sorta goal update and revival.

We got off on a tangent about “the meaning of life,” living your purpose, and other such things.


Living your purpose can be difficult because you may spend your lifetime searching for YOUR purpose – if there’s even such a thing to be found. However, you can live ON purpose right now. Today. This second.

Here were some thoughts that came up. Maybe they will strike a chord with you and be helpful to your achievement regardless of you goal.

Live ON Purpose.

Stop being an accident waiting to happen. I am a firm believer that you should be able to lay down at night and know you added value to the world.

This might seem silly, but the tip I left the waitress this morning for example. She’s better off. I left a tip on purpose. A tip she would be grateful for. A tip that lets me rest easy tonight for having made another’s life a little bit better.

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa to live a meaningful life. You only have to be intentional with the lives around you.

Plan On Purpose.

Scheduling your week is not just so the calendar is full. Have purpose associated with every activity/task.

“Walk for an hour” is much different than “Walk for an hour, burn 400 calories, and work toward becoming a machine so I can play for hours with my kids without collapsing.”

One of those is a plan. One is a plan on purpose. I bet you can figure out which is which.

Start On Purpose.

Let’s say you have a job. Let’s say you just sorta waltz in each morning like you did the day before. Let’s say you don’t find a lot of meaning in your job and you’re frustrated about it.

Start on purpose. Assign yourself a task to perform right when you get to the office. Something you’re going to do right out of the gate. This wipes out a mindless start that searches for something to do. It avoids, “What should I be working on?” Within five minutes of punching in, you can know that you’re living on purpose because you started on purpose.

You literally can use this in every area. Meals, exercise, work, play, relationships, goals… you name it. Start on purpose.

Stay On Purpose

We all drift. We all start strong and then get soft. It’s not enough to remind yourself of your goals each day. It’s not enough to review your plan. You have to know the reasons that anchor your goals. (In the 5 Stones training, this is the Cornerstone.)

You stay on purpose when you engage an action with a specific reason.

Back to the earlier example… Let’s say I want to skip my workout. The reason (Cornerstone) for the workout is so I can get in shape and play for hours with my kids. If I don’t face that on purpose then I will probably skip the workout and grab some donuts. However, if I think, “I am choosing donuts over my kids,” that’s totally different. That’s shameful. Because the purpose of the workout is soooo much bigger.

If you’ll plan on purpose, start on purpose, and stay on purpose you will live on purpose.

Success is NOT an Accident!


P.S. Thanks to all who sent in questions for the free coaching I held on Friday. You should have received a reply by now unless you emailed after the session time ended.


Do you really want to change your world?

Do you want better friendships?

A better relationship with the Lord?

A greater heart for service?

A happier home life?



Write it down. “Here’s what I want to change…”

Wanting to change and wishing to change are two different things.

If you want things to change, but you’re not willing to put in the work, then you’re wishing.

If you decide you want change, but you’re not willing to pay the price, then you’re dreaming.

Deciding is not singular. It’s not a one-time event. It’s not a solitary thought.

Deciding includes thinking, planning, plodding and producing.

It’s not linear. There will be distractions, diversions and derailments.

But if you’ve truly made the decision, you keep going. You keep pushing. You keep paying. You keep praying.

Just because you’re making a “good” decision doesn’t mean it will be simple or easy. Just because you want to grow as person and impact your world doesn’t mean you won’t get damaged along the way.

For some reason we tend to think that setting good goals will somehow protect us from the battle. Since we’re doing the “right thing” then everything should just fall into place.

(Here’s some ammonia to sniff. Breathe deep. Wake up!)

In fact, often the opposite is true.

Let’s say you decide to be a better mom. You read books, attend seminars, follow advice and become a living sacrifice… then what happens? Everyone takes you for granted! :)

Our decision for change cannot be based on our reception or acceptance. We serve because it’s who we are and what we give not what we get.

We move with precise intention. Focusing on doing the right things at the right times.  But it begins with an intentional decision.

Back to the original question…

Do you REALLY want to change your world?

It may get expensive. It will definitely be challenging, even heartbreaking at times. It will also be filled with laughter, joy and excitement.

It will simply be life.

Success is NOT an Accident,


Across the street from my rental in Mexico is a lavandería.


1. Weight your clothes and charge per pound.

2. Wash and dry your clothes.

3. Put your clothes in a plastic bag.


Because it’s hot and our team is working in the morning, spending time with the angels in the afternoon, and eating out at night – it’s easy to go through 3 set of clothes a day.

I took in 4 days worth to the laundry.

Grand total… $2.30. I was not upset.

Here’s the operation…

photo 2

photo 3

Simple. Weigh. Wash. Dry.

But what do WE do?

If we decide to workout we buy the best equipment. Best workout clothes. We might research the best shoes for days.

If we decide to work from home we buy a nice desk. Upgrade our laptop. Print enough business cards for the next 3 centuries.

We confuse preparing for action with results. We feel that getting ultimately prepared always has to come first.

Hey, you’ll lose more weight walking in loafers than researching shoes.

You’ll make more money with your sad website than a perfect website you never get up.

I love my little lavandería.

No fancy equipment. Machines that do the job. People who love to serve. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Success is NOT an Accident!

028 Information Overload

Got too much going on in your head as you’re trying to master a new process? Here’s a simple approach to ending information overload.

information overload

Information Overload

Anytime you start a new process you work on learning/mastering the steps. But that’s the problem there are steps and there are multiple instructors with multiple methods.

Chances are high that if you decide to to do something like… “start an email marketing list for my blog” that you will… 1. Buy a course or several to help you. 2. Get confused with all the technology and steps.

All of that will hit your brain, which will see no linear process, so it will shut down and block you from moving forward because “I don’t know where to start.”

Here’s how you ease information overload and start moving forward in peace.

#1 What do you want to accomplish?

#2 What can be done later?

#3 What’s the ONE thing to be done now? (First step.)

#4 What are the instructions for getting from where you are to that ONE thing?

#5 Can that be simplified even further?


To “start an email marketing list for my blog” you need an autoresponder service that allows you to capture, store and market using their system. There are about 20 steps to get up and running completely. BUT the ONLY step to do first is open an account. You do NOT need to worry about a widget when you don’t even have an account, right?

I can’t tell you the number of people I work with on something like this who ask, “How do I get my signup form in my sidebar on my blog?”

Me “What autoresponder service are you using?”

Them “I don’t have an autoresponder service yet.”

Me “Then why are you concerned about something that’s an impossibility right now?”

Here’s how it might look…

#1 What do you want to accomplish? (Set up a opt-in funnel based on 20 steps.)

#2 What needs to be done later? (Steps 2-20)

#3 What’s the ONE thing to be done now? (First step.)

#4 What are the instructions for getting from where you are to that ONE thing? (Open an account)

That’s it. Is there more to be done? Yes, but you do the pressing and ignore the stressing until those things enter the process.

Success is NOT an Accident!


027 Measure by the Mission

How to keep pursuing your dream in the face of criticism and judgement.


We all face…

  • Judgement – a rating system, let’s say 0-5 stars.
  • Criticism – the actually review of our efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you a formula to protect your heart from ever being hurt by judgement and criticism, which leads to feeling rejected? That’s would be awesome! Not sure it exists, BUT you can…

Measure By The Mission

  1. Filter the feed back through your mission.
  2. Focus on the outcome of the mission.
  3. Fulfill your mission

Let’s hear your judgement and critic on iTunes… Click here to subscribe, rate and comment about this podcast.

Do you know what time it is?

6:04 am

So far today…

  • Recorded a podcast, edited, uploaded, posted.
  • Created a new lead page
  • Answered coaching questions
  • Created mp4 downloads of Core4
  • Shared an article with Club Level on Facebook
  • Listened to a chapter of 10X by Grant Cardone
  • Worked out.

6:06 am

Although I write and teach about productivity and goal setting, the
fact remains that without discipline none of the above would happen.

Most people in the “working world” are still asleep. They “don’t
have time” to start or work on an outside business. They don’t have
time to work on their body. They don’t have time to _________. Just
fill in the blank.

If you get up a little bit early and knock out some tasks, you are
lapping the field.

If you work while others sleep, you get so far ahead they can’t
catch you.

However, you can have the best plan, the best list to accomplish,
and even the best intentions, but without self-discipline none of
those will happen if they are not obligations.

6:09 am

Productivity does not exist without discipline. Laying in bed
wondering if you should get up and work or workout or whatever is a
waste of time. It’s undisciplined and accomplishes nothing.

Look at your clock. Do you know what time it is?

It’s… NOW.

Whatever you should be doing, do it NOW.





“I’m unmotivated.”

Ever felt unmotivated? You just didn’t “feel” like doing X?

No one is exempt.

The difference between those who achieve and those who merely dream is doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you want to or not.

Lack of motivation comes from lack of motive. Lack of reason. Lack of why this must be done.

Lack of motivation comes from lack of consequence. Lack of penalty. Lack of pain if you don’t.

Lack of motivation comes from lack of certainty. Lack of assurance. Lack of knowing the result.

Lack of motivation comes from lack of drive. Lack of push. Lack of acceleration toward the goal.

Watch this video called “Unstoppable” for some motivation to get you moving and gaining momentum.

This coming Monday, July 7 at 3 pm CDT / 4 pm EDT

ACHIEVE Discipline

We will dive into…

  • The culture of manufacture celebrity and success and how it has made us sorry and lazy.
  • Your two worst enemies and how to conquer them.
  • The three requirements for achievement. If you will do #3 you’ll never have an issue with success ever again.
  • How to stop being a quitter.
  • Your duty, responsibility and obligation. This section will kick mediocrity and average in the back-end!
  • The 4 quadrants of accomplishment. This last section will really take the blinders off. It explains why we get some things done immediately and others we mess around with or make excuses. Hit the right quadrant and you will explode your results.

Without a shadow of a doubt this training will help you gain self-discipline.

Whether you make it to the live training or catch the replay it will be worth it.

Are you in? Are you ready to win?

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Success is NOT an Accident!

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026 Achieve Self-Discipline

The war of self-discipline

We all have things we should be doing that we don’t. We all make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep.

Let’s say you promise to run every morning. The night before you set out your gear, plan the route, drink a big glass of water. You feel ready!

Next morning the motivation has vanished. You sit on the edge of your bed. Your shoes are starring up at you. Are they smirking? Are they actually saying, “I told you so!”?

Yet, even with sneaker laughter, you sit. Thinking. Weighing the pros and cons. Imagining how tired you will get. Concentrating on how hard it will be. Finally, you decide, “I just don’t want to.”

So you don’t. You hit the shower. Grab a donut. Head to work. Promising yourself that tomorrow will be different. (Liar.)

Why do some people make it and others don’t? Why do some achieve their goals and others give-up soon after they start? Why do some stare their shoes into submission, lace them up, then pound the pavement; while others follow the path above?


Here’s the definition… “Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Elbert Hubbard

  • It makes you hit the ground running.
  • It forces you to finish the task.
  • It compels you to chase the dream.
  • It calls for you to keep going when you don’t feel like it.
  • It questions your lazy and your quit.
  • It drags you into completion.
  • It creates guilt when you stop too soon.
  • It interrogates your motives and your why.
  • It takes the reigns and cracks the whip.
  • It punches the acceleration on achievement.

And most of humanity lacks it.

They sit in front of the tv eating cheese curls waiting for their world to change. Or they buy the next distraction. Or they sip on good intentions as they plan their next conquest.

People (you and me) don’t fail for lack of a plan. We have plans, formulas, roadmaps, blueprints – you name it. Anything you want to achieve, a plan already exists. That’s not the issue. The issue is persistent, consistent action. Period.

Here’s my question to you – would you like to become self-disciplined? Would you like to win more of the battles you’re losing with will power and accomplishment?

This coming Monday, July 7 at 3 pm CDT / 4 pm EDT

ACHIEVE Discipline

We will dive into…

  • The culture of manufacture celebrity and success and how it has made us sorry and lazy.
  • Your two worst enemies and how to conquer them.
  • The three requirements for achievement. If you will do #3 you’ll never have an issue with success ever again.
  • How to stop being a quitter.
  • Your duty, responsibility and obligation. This section will kick mediocrity and average in the back-end!
  • The 4 quadrants of accomplishment. This last section will really take the blinders off. It explains why we get some things done immediately and others we mess around with or make excuses. Hit the right quadrant and you will explode your results.

Without a shadow of a doubt this training will help you gain self-discipline.

Whether you make it to the live training or catch the replay it will be worth it.

Are you in? Are you ready to win?

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Success is NOT an Accident!

p.s. After this session ACHIEVE will be $197. Join now…

The Best Way to Make Introductions

This post was drawn from the teachings contained in Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch

No matter what field you are in, relationships play a big factor in your success. The more relationships you have, the greater the possibilities of growing your business. And one way to do that is to work on expanding your connections and going deeper into your customers’ networks. Once you make all these connections, you’ll want to be able to offer something in return and be proactive about it.

The practice of making introductions within your network of contacts truly opens the door to more prospects and builds your reputation in a positive light. If you step out on a limb and connect people who are in need of something and you happen to have the answer, it will shine highly on you. Putting people in touch with each other like pairing members of your IT team to work with a client’s IT team on a shared project or introducing two or more strategic partners together because you know they would hit it off only adds value and differentiates you from the pack. Introductions are like networking gold and can sometimes even be better than your typical referral.

There’s a productive way to make an introduction that takes the pressure off the two people you are connecting. Here’s an example that shows what I’m talking about:

By Way of email, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Gary Smith. Gary is an expert on how to build partnerships with the media. Currently, he leads Media Buzz and just came out with a new book, How To Land PR By the Truckload. In addition, he helped me start Effective Financial Planning, my coaching company for financial advisors. He’s very interested in leveraging his talents to build a higher profile as well as an information marketing solution.

So instead of the typical just passing the email addresses along or making a remedial introduction that is bland and quite effortless saying, ‘Gary, this is John…’ he explained who the person was, told me about his expertise and credentials, and gave some background on how they knew each other and what he was looking for. He also described me in a similar way to Gary. This way of introducing allowed us to establish right off the bat who the other was and gave us a starting point for a conversation to begin. Keep this in mind when you are connecting people to each other because it will increase the value you bring to every interaction.

Build Your Own Leads Group

Lead groups are different from your typical networking group because they focus on passing active leads to members of the group. They can be very powerful at generating leads but there can be a lot of time commitment and meetings in some of these groups and you hear of there being problems controlling the quality and quantity of the leads. So, why not take the best from what works in this format and create your own lead group?

Handpick your team

Start with your current customers and find out who they like doing business with and who they most often refer. You will already have the common bond with the companies you are reaching out to because you share a client.

Set Goals and Expectations

As you are selecting your team, let everyone know how you want this group to work. Establish your goals and expectations and what they will need to do to stay active in the group.

Use Technology

Time is something most of us lack these days and that’s what people find frustrating about other leads groups- the required time commitment. Some of them have mandatory 90-minute meetings each week. While it’s still important to have face-to-face time, a way to meet in the middle is to incorporate a tool like LocalBase or Loops from to help facilitate leads tracking, sharing and scoring. This way, people don’t have the pressure of getting penalized for missing the weekly meeting but they can share and track their leads in real time.

Monthly Meetings

Make sure that you still keep the “in real life” aspect of your group by having at least one meeting a month so they can share leads and brainstorm on ways to expand the group. Also think about turning them into possible networking events and encourage your members to invite other people who could potentially be added to the group.

Creating and being in charge of a group like this raises your profile and credibility within your community and happens to create authority as well as leads. Have the setting be one that speaks to who you are and how you want this group to run. Since you’ve created it, you get to be the one to set the rules!

John Jantschbuying is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. His latest book, Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar is available online and in bookstores May 15.

LeadPages Tutorial

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  • Thank you for showing all these benefits and so easy.
  • Paul why would a person use a double opt-in, what would be the purpose? Just curious…thanks
  • I noticed you have several email service it for different reasons?
  • What are pre-cart pages?
  • Paul, what’s the difference between with the marketplace templates?
  • Why do you usually suppress Facebook?
  • Paul, is the Legal Information beyond that link something you have customized, or does LeadPages have standard language there?
  • Paul, where do you store your PDF’s and how do you protect them?
  • What is the best opt in page where I can use a video?
  • Could you show an example of how to integrate a thank you page to a lead page?
  • Paul, for a marketer that is starting to build a list, how they can best leverage lead page to build the list?
  • What are the top 3 Leadpages templates you use? You mentioned 2 part give-away – what others?
  • Paul – If you use leadPages – what are you using as list build your right navigation (all your WP pages incl blog posts, etc)
  • Have you used a 3 part video learning series template? if so what are your thoughts?
  • Do you need to link the template to your website, or just leave as is in lead pages? I thought Carrie worked with lead pages only at one time in the past when she had problems with her website?
  • I never understood about Lead Magnets… do now 8o)
  • I’m struggling with how to do the line-up for a paid webinar (course) with Go To Webinar integration– optin to sales page to PayPal to registration…..? When I’ve tried setting them up they went straight to Go To Webinar registration… skipping the $$ part!
  • Where do you get/make your 3D book images?
  • Did I see that LeadPages does not integrate with Infusionsoft?
  • When you have a template that has bullets – like little check marks by a list of what a product contains or covers – is there a way to add more bullets to the template?
  • What what would you use to sell a affliate offer? So for my audience using a video for a special offer if they purchase from my link?
  • Are there any analytics to do with Lead Pages? Thank you…Scott :) Great webinar!
  • You changed the vieo specs- won’t that distort it?
  • So…could you use that video template to deliver a video “course?” If so, is there a way to make it so they can’t simply share the URL anywhere they want?
  • When they click “Get instant access” on a LeadBox, does it THEN take them to another page, or just close so they stay on your site? How do YOU like to deliver the pdf, ebook, etc. that you offer from a LeadBox?
  • What is the plug in for Word Press?
  • How do you choose which templates to use? Do you just look around and see which one you like, or do you go by the highest converting page according to leadpages
  • Do you ever do split testing on lead pages?
  • AWESOME! You’re AMAZING COACH, MENTOR and I feel you are a friend too. Come to LA?
  • This was AWESOME training Paul – Thank you… You are so becoming my FAVORITE person!!
  • Thanks Paul – – love the difference between education & training definition. this training has been very helpful to provide more clarity around leadpages – thank you!!!
  • Thank you so much Paul. I am delighted you volunteered to do this
  • Great training Paul as always. Very generous of you:)

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