Grab Your Audience By The Heart

Content is Common. Connection is King!

WordPress is installed more than 100,000 times a day. Yes, per day. Last month there were 53.8 million new posts.

Facebook has a 1.44 billion users.

Instagram has 300 million users per month.

YouTube has more than 1 billion users and more than 300 hours of content is uploaded every single minute.

Oh, and it’s not like there aren’t thousands of webinars offered a day. Meanwhile it’s estimated that there are 3 billion meetings that take place each year.

On the one side there’s so much noise it’s hard to get noticed. On the other hand there is a huge opportunity to stand out and separate yourself from the masses.

You see, millions are vying for the attention of your audience every single second. The more you produce what everyone else does, the less distinct your message, the more invisible you are.

​For years the focus has been on content, content, content.

Publish your blog consistently. Create a podcast. Launch product. Post images or infographics. Speak for events. Record videos.

​But you’ve probably discovered that publishing doesn’t equal attention. It doesn’t guarantee engagement.

Yes, you still need content, but it needs to CONNECT.

Your blog posts, videos, images, webinars, presentations, speeches, audios must grab the heart of your audience.

Content is common. Connection is king.

Millions produce content everyday. The majority don’t get comments or likes or shares or traction. But every now and then something connects with the audience and there’s a spark. Those times are few and far between.

Let’s see if we can’t get you connected to

your audience, so you can pull away from the noise.

This past week I was in Canada working with Stu McLaren. We were talking about primarily about public speaking. He said, “I’ve seen you speak and you have an unusual connection with the audience. They seem to be able to feel what you feel.”

That’s a big compliment.

Stu went on to ask if I could teach people to connect. I said I could, but told him it varied according to the medium. You connect differently live versus virtual; video versus audio; text versus image; webinar versus workshop; etc.

​At this point you probably feel like there’s a product launch coming. Nope, but there is a podcast coming.

I want to help you create content that connects. It doesn’t matter if it’s the stage, podcast, webinar, etc. In order to do that I need your questions.

Do you have questions about

  • Which platform to use?
  • The best format?
  • How to engage listeners?
  • Increasing your shares?
  • Building your subscribers?
  • Leveraging your message?
  • Creating a message that sticks?
  • Understanding your audience?​
  • Monetizing your message without being slimy?
  • Making your voice better?​
  • What equipment to use?
  • Gaining attention?
  • Increasing stay time on your webinar?
  • Starting your podcast?Selling from stage?
  • Getting emotional without crossing the line?
  • If you’re not getting the attention your message deserves, changes are high that you’re not grabbing your audience by the heart.

There are two ways to ask your question for the show.

#1 Email me at

#2 Leave a voice message here to the right >

Tell me about your situation and give me your question. The first show will be ready in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to make sure I got your questions first.

Success is NOT an Accident!