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Paul gave his first speech in sixth grade. He was being paid to speak at the age of 16. He’s guaranteed to educate, encourage and entertain. Plus, Paul has given more than 1200 presentations.


IMPACT: Success is NOT an Accident

Paul’s wife, Sherri, died in his arms when their son was only five weeks old. The chapel could seat 300, but more than 750 quests attended. Why? Impact. Each person matters. Whether you’re an executive or a gardner, you can change your world. In this presentation Paul presents how to live with Impact. How you can be changed and change others for good. You’ll learn…

  • The power of a single life unleashed.
  • How to take control of your life and stop trying to live the dream.
  • The core message of your life and how it can become your driver. You’ll wave goodbye to monotony.
  • Mediocrity is not a decision, it comes from living in default. You’ll become intentional about your life and gain clarty of purpose.
  • How to release  your potential and perform at your best.
  • Why “success” teaching hold you back and how you can dream with vision and live with impact without becoming Ghandi or Mother Teresa.


Super Agent!

This message is for the life insurance industry. Paul was your typical “I’m too young to die.” However, Ken kept pursuing until Paul agreed to get a policy on himself and Sherri. After she passed Ken’s service to the beneficiary was incredible and inspiring. In this keynote Paul will share…

  • The story of Ken’s professional pursuit and even what he continues to do for the Evans’ family today.
  • The five keys to becoming a super agent. Anyone can do these, but most won’t, yet they will immediately separate you from everyone else offering insurance.
  • The impact of the industry. You will be encouraged, motivated and proud to be in the life insurance field.

The Human Time Machine

It’s no secret that Paul gets more accomplished by 6 am than most people achieve in a full day (sometimes more than a full week!) Get ready for extreme focus, extreme energy and extreme productivity.

  • How to master the 3 levers of the time machine. One you put this system in play clarity and precision will be linked to every task.
  • The Momentum Matrix. Your secret to keep you focused and on fire. While everyone else around you drifts and fails to accomplish the goal, you’ll stay on track till the finish.
  • How to control your time so you control your destiny.
  • Priority Circles – how to know what to pursue and what to ignore.
  • Mission Control: Four life control elements you MUST master to create repetitive “on call” success.
  • Failure to Launch: 3 holdbacks that prevent us from leaving the launching pad.
  • Escape Velocity: How to escape the gravitational pull of defeat and discouragement.
  • Human Time Machine Software. Every attendee will receive a copy of Paul’s Human Time Machine Software.

5stonegoals3005 Stones: Slay Your Giant Goals

This program is designed to help you tap into the power of the 3 goal achievement components that have been virtually ignored.

  • Discover the FIVE essential stones of achievement.
  • Tap into the strength of the 3 essential stones that every program on the planet ignores.
  • Learn the three roadblocks you face with ever goal you pursue.
  • Face the #1 reason you and billions of others may never reach a particular goal. Conquer this and every goal is virtually guaranteed.
  • Use a simple system to stay focused and on fire.
  • Anchor your Firestones so you can generate motivation and momentum at will. Let’s admit that within a few days of setting a goal our passion drifts. What will happen when it doesn’t?
  • Finally set, track and accomplish the goals you set out to reach by focusing on results.

ENGAGE: Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer

If there is ONE skill you NEED to master; it’s the ability to speak. Public speaking impacts every area of your business. The better you can speak the better you write, the better your webinars, the better your products. You name it and speaking impacts it. As mentioned at the top of this page, Paul has been speaking since the sixth grade and was being paid to speak at the age of 16. He consistently is the best speaker on any program he’s on. Professional speakers ask him for advice on improving and impacting the audience. In “ENGAGE” Paul shares his greatest insights on communication, presentations, how to be funny (even if you’re not) and the psychology that makes it all work.

  • The Perfect Presentation(TM). A step by step process that takes you from the very first word of your message to the last syllable. This is not the open, body of the message, close outline that is taught so prevalently. This is a 7 step system that’s impossible to mess up.
  • The power of words. Do you remember the nursery rhyme, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words…” Never underestimate their influence again.
  • Create winning titles on your own that will draw the audience to your talk even before you say a word.
  • Why most speakers/presenters are dull and how not to be that guy.
  • 3 goals for every event and message. By weaving these three into every speech you will deliver the best message possible.
  • How to determine the BEST of all the research you do so you don’t make worthless points. A simple system for eliminating weak material.
  • 5 unforgettable ways to structure your points. Plus how to choose the right format for the group you are speaking to.
  • 3 sweet rules of illustrating. These will help you deliver the best punch for each point.
  • THE SECRET of effective, fearless speaking. Master this one principle and you will be a success everywhere you speak. It will turn a mediocre message into a miracle message.
  • How NOT to start your message. Do this and make the crowd hate you.
  • Perfect closes. How to make the crowd want to hear you again and again.

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“Paul is my FAVORITE speaker ever.” Carrie Wilkerson, author, speaker, consultant to the Ziglar Corporation and Google.

As Paul would say, “Success is NOT an Accident,” and you will achieve the success you want when you start learning from him.” Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking

Paul has a knack for engaging audiences–and teaching others how to do the same. He makes the difficult seem doable by providing simples, practical steps. ~ Erin Casey, editor Success Magazine

“Paul Evans is an incredible speaker and human being.  He has overcome devastating tragedy with humor and grace, and his indomitable spirit mesmerizes his audiences. I love his authenticity and his stories; he is such a great inspiration.” Snowden McFall, author of Fired Up! and Stress Express!

“Paul Evans is a motivating, truthful and profound teacher and speaker.  He keeps his message simple but there is a very deep truth to all that he says.  For those ready to step up to influence and impact in a powerfully positive way, Paul is the man to follow.  One of Paul’s recent articles on 5 ways to Influence and Impact impressed me so much that I asked his permission to re-print it in an Executive Guide for which I am editor.  Paul’s wisdom has the potential to be that ripple that prompts leaders to create waves of uplifting change.” ~Dawn Z Bournand, International author, speaker and entrepreneur Founder and Director, Fabulously Successful

“Paul Evans manages to achieve that rare combination with his public speaking skills. He takes the audience on a journey. He engages, he entertains, he makes difficult subjects easy to understand and implement, and he does it all with integrity and charm. He’s one of the most authentic presenters I’ve had the pleasure to work with, so when he shares his insights on how to do what he does so successfully, in a way that seems effortless – listen up!” ~ Tanya Smith, founder of

Paul Evans is like a breath of fresh air.  His honesty, his transparency, and his wisdom have gotten me through several times of wanting to give up on my dream and my business.  When he speaks, you can hear his heart and it speaks of a real desire to help other people grow and change their lives.  When Paul’s emails come into my inbox, I read them immediately because I know he’s going to have a nugget of truth that’s going to encourage and challenge me. ~ Ginny Edwards, Health Makeover Coach

“I’m going to confess that I’m not the best listener when it comes to event speakers.  If I become the slightest bit disinterested in what the speaker has to say, I tend to start checking my e-mail on my smart phone, writing my “to do” list for the next day, or simply wandering off to La La land. I’ve never done that while listening to Paul Evans. His words always captivate me.  I am stuck like glue . Reminiscent of Zig Ziglar.” ~ Shelly Webb

“I highly recommend Paul Evans, Paul is a phenomenal speaker and trainer, he is one of the most captivating speakers I’ve ever heard. Paul is the real deal, a man of so much integrity with a genuine passion for helping others”. Christian Baker

“I recently experienced working with Paul Evans in London and I was immediately struck his style.  He is possibly one of the most authentic, natural speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to and his teaching style emulates this.  His abillity to communicate on an effective level to everyone in the room on both on content and engagement is outstanding.  My first speaking engagement to a large audience was just a couple of days after and I have no doubt it transformed my performance to the point that I actually enjoyed it!” Jennie HK, Lifestyle Strategist

“I am so inspired by you’re talk at the BOSS event. You are what I call a REAL speaker. You’re so refreshingly natural. Most so called great speakers are boring and fake. Loved hearing your story too … though I knew you lost your first wife, this is the first time I’ve heard your story.” Trish Jones

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Bring Paul to Your Organization or Next Event
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