The Progress Principle: 5 Steps to Tackling Big Goals

If you’re starting a business or tackling another big project, maybe you can relate to this… I was sitting with my friend Jeremy at a restaurant, talking about business and life. He’d been wanting to start a business for some time. He talked about it a lot. He clearly was serious about it. And yet […]

The Kidnapping of Julius Caesar and Your Worth

At age 25 Julius Caesar was kidnapped. He was sailing the Aegean sea when a group of Sicilian pirates took he and his crew captive. The pirates demanded 20 talents of silver for his release. (Roughly $660,000 in today’s money.) Caesar was insulted. He refused to allowed himself to be ransomed for 20 talents of silver […]

How to F.O.R.M. Successful Habits

Think about some of the most successful people you know. Now ask yourself: Why are they so successful? Naturally, a variety of factors play into their success, such as having a positive mindset. However, if you look at these successful people carefully, you’ll quickly discover that virtually all of them have one thing in common. […]

The Man on Top of the Mountain

“The man on top of a mountain didn’t fall there.” Vince Lombardi You climb Mount Everest. There is no tram or train. It’s dangerous. Life threatening. Beyond difficult. Expensive mentally, physically and financially. You climb. No one gets delivered to the top. You don’t fall there. You can’t sit on a throne and have your […]


Waiting. Hoping. That IT will hit. The desire. The want. The push. Perhaps the shove. Later calls to you. There’s still time. It doesn’t have to be done… yet. The task will get done. At some point. When it has to. When it needs to. Until then there’s the battle. The guilt. The twinge of […]

Before and After Photos

It’s the beginning of the new year! Take your “before photo” right now. No judgement. No bad feelings. No mental beat ups. It begins by determining what you want to change and by how much. If you want to get debt free, but you owe $62,000, then that’s your before photo. If you want to […]

I Don’t Feel Like It

“Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do, what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Kop Kopmeyer The number one reason we procrastinate, or put things off, or skip them altogether… “I don’t feel like it.” Guess what? I don’t either. Didn’t feel like getting up […]

What Would You…

What would you write… If your name never showed? If you couldn’t be rated or reviewed? If no one could comment? What would you say… If no one could respond? If you didn’t fear rejection? If you didn’t crave acceptance? What would you do… If money didn’t factor? If time didn’t shackle? If no one […]


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan Stop thinking you’re special in your fear of failing. Everyone fears rejection. Everyone fears embarrassment. Everyone fears failure. Everyone fears wasted effort. Everyone fears “What if.” You’re not alone in your fear. Not unique. Not a snowflake. Fear paralyzes, […]


#pbelifetip why I don't care what folks think about me and why you shouldn't get wrapped up in what others think about you. Beware the 32%!! 😉 Posted by Paul B Evans on Monday, August 17, 2015

2,343 Babies Interviewed

025 Live On Purpose

Had breakfast with my buddy Jon this morning. Sorta goal update and revival. We got off on a tangent about “the meaning of life,” living your purpose, and other such things. [display_podcast] Living your purpose can be difficult because you may spend your lifetime searching for YOUR purpose – if there’s even such a thing […]


Do you really want to change your world? Do you want better friendships? A better relationship with the Lord? A greater heart for service? A happier home life? Decide. [display_podcast] Write it down. “Here’s what I want to change…” Wanting to change and wishing to change are two different things. If you want things to […]


Across the street from my rental in Mexico is a lavandería. They… 1. Weight your clothes and charge per pound. 2. Wash and dry your clothes. 3. Put your clothes in a plastic bag. Simple. Because it’s hot and our team is working in the morning, spending time with the angels in the afternoon, and […]

028 Information Overload

Got too much going on in your head as you’re trying to master a new process? Here’s a simple approach to ending information overload. [display_podcast] Information Overload Anytime you start a new process you work on learning/mastering the steps. But that’s the problem there are steps and there are multiple instructors with multiple methods. Chances […]

027 Measure by the Mission

How to keep pursuing your dream in the face of criticism and judgement. [display_podcast] We all face… Judgement – a rating system, let’s say 0-5 stars. Criticism – the actually review of our efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you a formula to protect your heart from ever being hurt by judgement […]

Do you know what time it is?

6:04 am So far today… Recorded a podcast, edited, uploaded, posted. Created a new lead page Answered coaching questions Created mp4 downloads of Core4 Shared an article with Club Level on Facebook Listened to a chapter of 10X by Grant Cardone Worked out. 6:06 am Although I write and teach about productivity and goal setting, […]


“I’m unmotivated.” Ever felt unmotivated? You just didn’t “feel” like doing X? No one is exempt. The difference between those who achieve and those who merely dream is doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you want to or not. Lack of motivation comes from lack of motive. Lack of reason. […]