The Personalities of Fats & Carbs

Back in the 1900’s I owned a gym, a fitness center. People would come to work out. Most of them wanted to lose weight. We would focus on the physical, what they needed to do. The mental, what they needed to think. T he nutritional, what they had to actually consume and what was needed […]

Cleanse and Fat Loss

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Get in Shape

ISAbody Challenge

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Spark Results

Here’s the thing. I like my ADHD. It’s not a disorder to me at all. However, it does make it difficult to focus at times. Believe it or not, I use an energy drink to give me focus, while keeping my processing speed. 🙂 (The reason I have never medicated is because my friends say […]

5.5.5 Muscle Hacks

About 6 months ago I got back in the gym and then I started running a few weeks ago. While I don’t feel the changes have been hyper-dramatic I’ve got some friends who disagree. Three of them I had not seen in 6 or more months. All three asked me for my workout. So maybe there have been some positive changes.

I’m not going to give you my workout because your body, nutrition, etc. are different. However, there are 5.5.5 hacks that I feel make the greatest difference in rapid physical changes.

(Hey! Believe it or not – I’m not a doctor. Get a checkup before trying anything below.)


#1 Mind body connection.

A person can go to the gym and workout for years with…

I Cheated and I Regret It!

Running. It began six months ago. New. Brand-new to running. Every step a pain. Every breath burned. The first mile felt like the green mile. A buddy thought a half-marathon would be a good motivation. So we trained for eight weeks. We entered. We raced – sorta. But we did finish!!! And the running continued. […]