The Secret Formula

For Achieving Anything

Here’s the secret formula for achieving anything you want in life or business… (information + installation) x implementation = transformation That’s the “secret.” Set you goal. Learn what it takes to get there (information). Apply the information directly to your life and your personality and your experience and your ability (installation). Take the required action […]

One Sentence Brand

Standing Out Today’s Markets Is Harder Than Ever You need to be able to quickly and accurately define who you can best serve and how you can best serve them. Without tricks. Without being clever or cute. You want to be able to have a straight forward message to share that connect to your perfect client […]

Personal Branding

Master of Your Domain

There are a lot of free tools that let you create your own blog or site. The only problem with that is you give someone else control of your materials. Bottom line… you must have your own domain name and hosting to control your brand and intellectual property. Search for your domain right now…

16 Ways to Make Money Speaking

monetize your message

As a speaker, author or coach you know how critical speaking is to your income and impact. Yet, when it comes to actually making money from the message most are failing. They might get a small keynote fee, but that’s about it. Below are 4 of the 16 Ways to Make Money Speaking. #1 Keynote Fees […]

How to Write a Great B.L.O.G. Article

You’ve heard the typical advice for writing an article, right? It goes a little something like this… Write an introduction that tells readers what they’re going to learn. Use the main article to deliver on the promises you made in the introduction. Create a conclusion that reminds people of what they just learned. Sure, that […]


Waiting. Hoping. That IT will hit. The desire. The want. The push. Perhaps the shove. Later calls to you. There’s still time. It doesn’t have to be done… yet. The task will get done. At some point. When it has to. When it needs to. Until then there’s the battle. The guilt. The twinge of […]

Productivity and Focus

Get my brand new course on Udemy for free (for a limited time). 40 Days of Focus! Daily video for forty days Worksheets Motivation Training Click here to get 40 Days of Focus.

[faq] top resources

I’ve been getting a lot of resource questions and cannot answer them specifically for each and every person because most of my time is reserved for The Club Level. Here’s a quick rundown of resources based on the most frequently asked questions (yes, most of these have my referral link)… #1 Where to you host your […]


#pbelifetip why I don't care what folks think about me and why you shouldn't get wrapped up in what others think about you. Beware the 32%!! 😉 Posted by Paul B Evans on Monday, August 17, 2015

028 Information Overload

Got too much going on in your head as you’re trying to master a new process? Here’s a simple approach to ending information overload. [display_podcast] Information Overload Anytime you start a new process you work on learning/mastering the steps. But that’s the problem there are steps and there are multiple instructors with multiple methods. Chances […]

027 Measure by the Mission

How to keep pursuing your dream in the face of criticism and judgement. [display_podcast] We all face… Judgement – a rating system, let’s say 0-5 stars. Criticism – the actually review of our efforts. Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you a formula to protect your heart from ever being hurt by judgement […]

The Best Way to Make Introductions

This post was drawn from the teachings contained in Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch No matter what field you are in, relationships play a big factor in your success. The more relationships you have, the greater the possibilities of growing your business. And one way […]

LeadPages Tutorial

httpv:// Click Here to Learn More About LeadPages Thank you for showing all these benefits and so easy. Paul why would a person use a double opt-in, what would be the purpose? Just curious…thanks I noticed you have several email service it for different reasons? What are pre-cart pages? Paul, what’s the difference between […]

BUILD: Architect Your Economy

Everything You Need to Know And Do To Launch Your Online Business

Here’s the #1 question I get when it comes on being a digital entrepreneur… “How can I make six figures or more online without working hard?” You can’t. Have you lost your mind? Are you reading those 1,128 page sales letters with the picts of the guy sitting on the beach drinking from a coconut? […]

Found: Your Voice!

The Voice on NBC features blind auditions. This is supposedly waaaaaay better than sight auditions where a person’s attractiveness, or lack of, could cause their vocals to take on a different quality to the listener. It’s crazy how the eyes can override the ears like that. Coaches on sight audition programs like America Idol have […]

Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer

Boring drugs the audience. It automatically induces a big ol’ case of the drowsies. Transports folks directly to droolville. (And believe me, you do not want to have to hand out napkins with your presentation.)


That photo was snapped during my “Tricia” story at Carrie Wilkerson’s BOSS Event. Even the guy on the cell phone is laughing. 🙂

Here are 5.5.5 ways to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer…