The Best Way to Make Introductions

This post was drawn from the teachings contained in Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch No matter what field you are in, relationships play a big factor in your success. The more relationships you have, the greater the possibilities of growing your business. And one way […]

Jared Leto’s Oscar Speech

Jared Leto’s Oscar speech is getting massive play. Which it should because of it’s… Brevity. He did not ramble or run on. Story. The way he thanked his mom by telling her story was classy, but also intriguing. Depth. Without a soapbox or agenda laced comments, Jared brought awareness to an often controversial issue without […]

Resistance Part 4

Have you seen the movie “A Christmas Story?” It’s the story of Ralphie Parker’s quest to get an official Red Rider BB gun for Christmas. (Yes, I know we’re 22 days past the sprite elf’s cookie and milk binge, but stay with me.) In the movie, there’s a bully, Scut Farkus. Every day Scut and […]

Generosity Goal

Day 4 of 2014!! Question: What is your generosity goal for the year? You’ve heard that you have time, talent and treasure to share with others. Time and talent should be givens. Whether it’s time with our kids or a friend. Whether it’s sharing our talent with a co-worker or in a theater production. We […]

Circa 1992

My oldest boy, Sam, posted a picture from 1992 on his Facebook page… Sherri passed away five weeks after Sam was born the following March. That tragedy was the catalyst for a lot of my decisions. One of those was to make sure I was available for Sam and any future family I might have. […]

The Law of Awesome

Mediocrity overflows. It’s full up. No use trying to get in it’s overcrowded. Most people love mediocre. Most people believe in good enough. Most people do just enough (or less). Most people feel the minimum is more than enough. You see that attitude everywhere. It’s the natural state of the average. Awesome, however, is EFFORTless. […]

Rule Your Results #1 : Control Your Time

Rule your results. In science it’s called “cause and effect.” Boy kicks ball. Ball rolls. Exercise and eat less. Weight loss. Sell stuff. Make money. Alabama crushes WHOEVER in the BCS Championship. Everyone’s happy. When you know the outcome you want [effect] and you ruthlessly pound your plan [cause] – you are ruling your results. […]

Mission: Fun!

Some folks make FUN a big mission of theirs. I love that. We could use more fun and it’s certainly high on my list. Here’s some fun that just happened… A family is next to me in the staging area before boarding. Mom jumps up and starts dancing crazy: We should do one of those […]

5 Things I Have Learned About Leadership

1. Leading Begins with Following. If you cannot follow and learn from others, you have no right to ask someone to follow you. 2. Leading Blazes The Trail. Leading isn’t about pointing toward danger and sending in the troops. It’s about joining the troops and marching along side. 3. Leading Required First Aid. Life brings […]