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Posted by Paul B Evans on Monday, August 17, 2015

The Best Way to Make Introductions

This post was drawn from the teachings contained in Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer Sell Like a Superstar by John Jantsch

No matter what field you are in, relationships play a big factor in your success. The more relationships you have, the greater the possibilities of growing your business. And one way to do that is to work on expanding your connections and going deeper into your customers’ networks. Once you make all these connections, you’ll want to be able to offer something in return and be proactive about it.

The practice of making introductions within your network of contacts truly opens the door to more prospects and builds your reputation in a positive light. If you step out on a limb and connect people who are in need of something and you happen to have the answer, it will shine highly on you. Putting people in touch with each other like pairing members of your IT team to work with a client’s IT team on a shared project or introducing two or more strategic partners together because you know they would hit it off only adds value and differentiates you from the pack. Introductions are like networking gold and can sometimes even be better than your typical referral.

There’s a productive way to make an introduction that takes the pressure off the two people you are connecting. Here’s an example that shows what I’m talking about:

By Way of email, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Gary Smith. Gary is an expert on how to build partnerships with the media. Currently, he leads Media Buzz and just came out with a new book, How To Land PR By the Truckload. In addition, he helped me start Effective Financial Planning, my coaching company for financial advisors. He’s very interested in leveraging his talents to build a higher profile as well as an information marketing solution.

So instead of the typical just passing the email addresses along or making a remedial introduction that is bland and quite effortless saying, ‘Gary, this is John…’ he explained who the person was, told me about his expertise and credentials, and gave some background on how they knew each other and what he was looking for. He also described me in a similar way to Gary. This way of introducing allowed us to establish right off the bat who the other was and gave us a starting point for a conversation to begin. Keep this in mind when you are connecting people to each other because it will increase the value you bring to every interaction.

Build Your Own Leads Group

Lead groups are different from your typical networking group because they focus on passing active leads to members of the group. They can be very powerful at generating leads but there can be a lot of time commitment and meetings in some of these groups and you hear of there being problems controlling the quality and quantity of the leads. So, why not take the best from what works in this format and create your own lead group?

Handpick your team

Start with your current customers and find out who they like doing business with and who they most often refer. You will already have the common bond with the companies you are reaching out to because you share a client.

Set Goals and Expectations

As you are selecting your team, let everyone know how you want this group to work. Establish your goals and expectations and what they will need to do to stay active in the group.

Use Technology

Time is something most of us lack these days and that’s what people find frustrating about other leads groups- the required time commitment. Some of them have mandatory 90-minute meetings each week. While it’s still important to have face-to-face time, a way to meet in the middle is to incorporate a tool like LocalBase or Loops from passingleads.com to help facilitate leads tracking, sharing and scoring. This way, people don’t have the pressure of getting penalized for missing the weekly meeting but they can share and track their leads in real time.

Monthly Meetings

Make sure that you still keep the “in real life” aspect of your group by having at least one meeting a month so they can share leads and brainstorm on ways to expand the group. Also think about turning them into possible networking events and encourage your members to invite other people who could potentially be added to the group.

Creating and being in charge of a group like this raises your profile and credibility within your community and happens to create authority as well as leads. Have the setting be one that speaks to who you are and how you want this group to run. Since you’ve created it, you get to be the one to set the rules!

John Jantschbuying is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Commitment Engine and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. His latest book, Duct Tape Selling – Think Like a Marketer, Sell Like a Superstar is available online and in bookstores May 15.

Jared Leto’s Oscar Speech

Jared Leto’s Oscar speech is getting massive play.

Which it should because of it’s…

Brevity. He did not ramble or run on.

Story. The way he thanked his mom by telling her story was classy, but also intriguing.

Depth. Without a soapbox or agenda laced comments, Jared brought awareness to an often controversial issue without inspiring controversy.

Speak with Passion or Just Leave Me a Note!


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Extra Extra


“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile, ” Zig Ziglar.


Current action X _______ = Xtra

It’s more than a little bit more.

It’s a multiple. At times, eXponential.

The xtra mile is double, not just a few more feet.

Here’s the way Jesus put it…

Luke 29 If anyone slaps you on one cheek, offer him the other cheek, too. If someone takes your coat, do not stop him from taking your shirt.

Double the slap.

Double the loss.

Why is xtra so hard? Because it’s about humility. It means we forget about ourselves and give the best to others even if they are not in our circle. Even worse, even if they are rude and oppressive.

We’re probably ok with xtra to people we love, but people we don’t and who don’t love us? Well, that’s just odd, right?


That’s the true spirit of xtra.

Resistance Part 4

Have you seen the movie “A Christmas Story?” It’s the story of Ralphie Parker’s quest to get an official Red Rider BB gun for Christmas.

(Yes, I know we’re 22 days past the sprite elf’s cookie and milk binge, but stay with me.)

In the movie, there’s a bully, Scut Farkus. Every day Scut and his henchman, Grover Dill, terrorize Ralphie, Flick and Schwartz. Farkus scares them, punches them, taunts them, and even makes them shout “Uncle” and stuff.

At one point Ralphie had a super bad day. The conspiracy to prevent him from getting an official Red Rider BB gun hit a peak.

On his way home from school he runs into Farkus…

“Hey, four-eyes! How’d you like your snowball sandwich?” Shouts Farkus. Wham! Snowball to the head! “Maybe you’d like another one!”

Ralphie stands there stunned and defeated as he tries to clear his glasses of snow.

Gover threatens, “Listen, jerk. When I tell you to come, you better come!”

Ralphie tears up.

“What? Are you going to cry now?” Farkus taunts. “Come on, cry baby, cry for me. Come on. Cry!”

Deep in the recesses of Ralphie’s brain… a tiny red-hot little flame began to grow. Something happened. A fuse blew and he went out of his skull.

Ralphie jumped Farkus. The bullied beat up the bully. He pounds him. He didn’t stop until his brother ran home, gets mom, and she pulled Ralphie off.

It’s a glorious scene!

Now then…

Me and you. We’re Ralphie.

Resistance is Farkus.

Everyday Resistance bullies us. Punches us. Teases us. Takes our lunch money. Makes us cry “uncle.”

Every time you think…

“I don’t feel doing ________ right now.”

“I’m not seeing much progress anyway, this cheat won’t hurt.”

“I’m super tired. If I get started now it won’t be my best, I might as well wait.”

“Why did I even start this? It was stupid. I’m embarrassed about how pumped up I got. I even told everyone I’d show them I was serious.”

Every time you have conversations like that with yourself, you’re being bullied by Resistance. That’s his version of “Uncle.”

Well, it’s time to beat up the bully. It’s time to do a little tail-kicking.

Join me today at 3 pm CST / 4 pm EST for…


We’ll be diving into…

-Why Resistance is Such a Bully.

-The 4 Strongest Taunts of Resistance. This is how we recognize the bully and prepare ahead of time for the fight.

-Gaining and Keeping Momentum

– Resistance’s Greatest Fear and Enemy.

-How to Move from Amateur to Pro for the Strongest Tail-Kicking of All.

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We’re gonna have fun and achieve more than ever before!

Success is NOT an Accident!

Resistance – Part 3

“Take that Resistance!” I yelled as I completed a 3 mile run on January 2.

The neighbors starred at me after my loud proclamation. A dog howled in agreement a few blocks away.

But Resistance chuckled, “That was a nice little run. You should be proud. You deserve a treat.”

I sensed sarcasm in the voice of Resistance. Hadn’t I accomplished the very thing he fears the most? Hadn’t I taken action?


It turns out that Resistance doesn’t fear action too much. Because one run does not a runner make. Nor does it generate washboard abs. Nor does it make bacon taste worse. Nor does it guarantee that I would be out pounding the street January 3 (which I wasn’t, so don’t say you saw me.)

Nope. Resistance doesn’t fear movement. It fears…


Resistance quakes to the core when you show up day after day after day after day and do the thing. Whatever the thing is.

Most of you know that I am participating in Jeff Goins’ 500 Words. Everyday I am writing 500 words. Doesn’t matter if inspiration strikes or not, I have an assignment. I have a duty. I have an obligation.

Day 1: Resistance didn’t care. He knew I’d done things for a day before.

Day 2: He worked hard to get in my head with a severe case of creative freedom – meaning I was free from creativity and could not think of one interesting thing to write. But I wrote anyway. It was dull. But it was done.

Day 3: I sat in front of the computer again and Resistance started to worry. Three days in a row? Something is up.

And from there on out Resistance didn’t have as much power. Momentum is tough to stop. It can steam roll. It can power bowl.

Now it’s Day 15 and Resistance attacks other parts of my life. Right now there’s too much forward progress with 500 Words for him to keep trying. (Resistance hates rejection too!)

That’s not to say he’s given up. He hasn’t. It’s just easier for Resistance to work through a bacon biscuit right now. Easier for him to pound my diet. So don’t think for a minute that a little momentum is going to whip Resistance, it takes a whole lot more!


How about joining me in a tail kicking of Resistance tomorrow?

Come be part of ACHIEVE. The doors are just opening and it’s for folks dedicated to taking positive action in business and life on a daily basis. You know, achieving stuff.

You can get the details here.

Our first virtual meeting is tomorrow and we’ll be Conquering Resistance!

Enroll right now.

Success is NOT an Accident!


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Generosity Goal

Day 4 of 2014!!

Question: What is your generosity goal for the year?

You’ve heard that you have time, talent and treasure to share with others.

Time and talent should be givens. Whether it’s time with our kids or a friend. Whether it’s sharing our talent with a co-worker or in a theater production. We should be living our lives in a way that positively impacts everyone around us.

The generosity factor of our lives should be as close to 100% as possible.

Now let’s hit money.

How much money do you want to give away this year?

Write it down.

Now allocate it.

Name the charities and organizations. Name people if that’s part of your plan.

Let’s take this one step farther.

We usually plan to be generous out of the money we already have or expect to have.

This year let’s do EXTRA work just to give away the money.

For ex: Let’s say there’s a family you know that never gets a feast at Thanksgiving. You also know that a sure enough, extravagant feast would be $100.

What work can you do to make that $100 with the sole purpose of giving it away?

It’s fine to do easy giving, but we also need to do effort giving. This year let’s do some sweat equity generosity.

Success is NOT an Accident!


Circa 1992

My oldest boy, Sam, posted a picture from 1992 on his Facebook page…

#tbt to Christmas 1992 when I was in the womb! #90s #LookAtThoseGlasses @paulbevans — with Paul Evans.

#tbt to Christmas 1992 when I was in the womb! #90s #LookAtThoseGlasses @paulbevans — with Paul Evans.

Sherri passed away five weeks after Sam was born the following March.

That tragedy was the catalyst for a lot of my decisions. One of those was to make sure I was available for Sam and any future family I might have.

That meant I had to maximize my time and make sure as many moments as possible really counted.

If you want to do the same, join me for Rule Your Results.

It’s critical that we use our life wisely and make the most of it with those around us. :)

The Law of Awesome

Mediocrity overflows. It’s full up. No use trying to get in it’s overcrowded.

Most people love mediocre.

  • Most people believe in good enough.
  • Most people do just enough (or less).
  • Most people feel the minimum is more than enough.

You see that attitude everywhere. It’s the natural state of the average.

Mediocrity is effortLESS

Awesome, however, is EFFORTless.

The more you focus on awesome the easier it becomes. And awesome comes from adding just little bit more.

Awesome is extra. A smile with thank you. A double checked report. Two cherries on the sundae.

Awesome is thoughtful. Making a call to a friend. Sending a note to an associate. Giving a generous tip to the server.

Awesome is intentional. Reading personal development books to become better. Taking that knowledge and acting on it. Making the lives of everyone around you richer.

Awesome is aware. Paying attention to the out of sorts co-worker and offering an ear. Listening deeper to a complaint and realizing the root lies somewhere else. Spotting the homeless and helping instead of shaking your head.

Awesome is awakening. Life fills with valuable impact. Others receive more attention than self. Eyes are opened to the surrounding needs instead of personal wants.

Awesome is EFFORTless

Soon all of those awesomes become natural.

Which leads to the law of awesome.

The more awesome you become the more awesome everything around you becomes.

No. It doesn’t mean that people around you will change. Their attitudes will still stink. They will probably take you for granted with their entitlement focus. But everyone around will be better off.

Being awesome has doing to do with THEM and everything to do with YOU!

Being awesome brings you to life. It frees you from the crowd. It fills you with purpose.

Yes, every now and then you’ll give the smile, or the hug, or the letter, or the tip and someone will actually say out loud, “AWESOME!”


In Search of Perfection

Last night was my son Steven’s first high school football game as a senior. He plays outside linebacker and free safety.

At 5’8” and 135 pounds he’s wasn’t too intimidating to the 6’4” end he was up against. What Steven might lack in height and weight, he more than makes up for in grit, speed and strength.

Like his dad, he loves training. Loves lifting weights. Loves hitting hard in practice.

All of that precedes the actual game.

All of that to prepare for the plays that actually count.

Guess what. Steven had a great game. Eight individual tackles and a dozen or more assists.

Guess what. His team got killed. They lost big.

Guess what. His team has practice this morning.

Guess what. They have another game to show up for next week.

After the game, Steven said he got knocked down, punched, rolled, stepped-on, cussed at and drained.

I got a call from the trainer who said he may have broken his toe.

But you’re not surprised to hear that right? It’s football. It’s a hard-hitting sport. It’s intense.

Then there’s us with our unrealistic expectations.

Instant results

Fast fixes.

Take a pill and lose weight.

Start a website and retire.

Put the time in at work and get an automatic promotion.

Place a special order at the drive through and it comes to us exactly right.

You know. Unrealistic.

Training precedes strength.

Practice precedes playing.

Even then there’s no guarantee of the win, but there is the guarantee of success.

Earl Nightingale defined success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.

Progressive – forward progress. movement. momentum.

Realization – coming into existence.

Personally, I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. If it doesn’t meet exactly what’s in our minds we get sidelined.

Heaven forbid we experience a setback or disappointment.

The scale doesn’t move for a couple days and we eat a sack of donuts because “this just doesn’t work!” (Or is that just me 😉

Our site doesn’t make a dollar with the first, second, third program we attempt and “everything is a scam!”

We collect a check for a few years simply doing our job and we can’t believe we got “passed over by a butt kisser. I’ll teach them a lesson! I’ll quit!”

The truth is…

We train. We practice. We play. We get beat up. We train. We practice…

It’s the process. No one plays a perfect game.

This morning at 7 Steven went to the doctor for x-rays. His toe isn’t broken, but his foot is completely black and blue.

Would you like to know where he is now?


The trainer said if he got x-rays early he could still make practice.

That’s the commitment required to compete. That’s the hustle that’s mandatory if we want to succeed.

Success is NOT an Accident!

Fighting Bees

“When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees.” Abraham Lincoln

public speaking

Rule Your Results #1 : Control Your Time

Rule your results.

In science it’s called “cause and effect.”

Boy kicks ball. Ball rolls.

Exercise and eat less. Weight loss.

Sell stuff. Make money.

Alabama crushes WHOEVER in the BCS Championship. Everyone’s happy. :)

When you know the outcome you want [effect] and you ruthlessly pound your plan [cause] – you are ruling your results.

We’ll look at five laws that literally can change your life. They will change your business without a doubt. Here’s the first…

Rule Results: Law #1 – Control Your Time; Control Your Destiny.

timeBecome compulsive about time. You’re not getting it back. It’s finite and none of us knows how much of it we have.

One person may have 60 more years and another 60 more seconds. You can’t accurately value time because the amount is unknown and unique to each person.

What we CAN do is control the time we have.

My son, Steven, controls his time.

He knows exactly how long he will play a video game before starting homework. He knows how long his homework will take. He knows when he will do both. Rarely does he miss his mental numbers. It’s strange, but fun.

(And the kid is an athlete, which makes his time obsession odd.) :-)

But maybe he got it from me. I’m definitely time irrational.

Controlling your time allows you to get more done, faster and more accurately.

It’s 5:38 am as this is being written.

I began at 5:30. I’ll be done at 6 am and headed to Donut Plant in NYC since I’ve never been and I’m heading home in a few hours.

I’m controlling time right now. I’m controlling destiny.

In the short-term this article will help all who apply it.

In the long-term it will help grow my business.. Which means more income. Which means helping more orphans.

How do you control your time?

First, what amount of your time is FIXED?

Someone else controls it. Someone else commands it.

Write down how much time of the week you have no influence on, it’s already planned for you.

Second, everything that remains is FLOW time. You control the flow of it. You determine what to do with. You decide how to use it.

Flow is where people waste the most time because they usually don’t control it. They’re haphazard.

Instead, become decisive about time.

If you have 60 minutes a day to devote to your online business then DEVOTE it. Don’t allow anything to interfere. Be relentless. No excuses.

Average people kiss even their flow time goodbye. They spend time surfing around. Spend time in forums with folks who have no clue, but act like they do. Tweet their life away 140 characters at a time.

Get time conscious and time focused. Become acutely aware of when and what you do and shape it. Mold it like Michelangelo.

Control your time; control your destiny.

Success is NOT an Accident!

p.s. Toward the end of the video there is “how to determine your fixed and flow” tutorial.

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Mission: Fun!

Some folks make FUN a big mission of theirs. I love that. We could use more fun and it’s certainly high on my list.

Here’s some fun that just happened…

A family is next to me in the staging area before boarding.

Mom jumps up and starts dancing crazy: We should do one of those flash things.

Teen Daughter: Uh… moooooooom… Flash Mob.

Teen Son: laughs.

Teen daughter: Mom, do your sexy skating.

Mom starts “air” skating. Mom is NOT sexy. But this is very interesting.

Teen daughter: Go mom! Go!!!!

Teen Son: laughs.

A girl who “thinks” she is super-sexy walks through the skating exhibition. Some sort of platform shoe with super-high thin heels. She can barely maneuver. She has not mastered the shoes yet. Very awkward.

Mom skates in behind her and starts mocking her walk. Staggering like she’s drunk.

Teen Daughter: Mom! Stop! You’ll get us killed that girl looks like a wild one.

Teen Son: Laughs.

Dad walks up: So what happened while I was walking around?

Live Your Mission!