Grocery store checkout Unload items. Scoot cart to the end. Wait. Bag Girl: Did you not want to use your cart? Me: Sure. I probably need it. BG: Then why did you push it two lanes away? I look. Hmmmm. Somehow in a moment of ADD I really did park the cart a couple of […]


Haircut lady: u watching football today? Me: not sure. Maybe. HL: auburn isn’t on TV and Alabama has a bye week Me: ahh HL: of course I hate AL and LSU! Who do you pull for? Me: you’ve got clippers in your hand. I’m not saying. HL: smart

Car Rental

Had an unexpected trip and needed a car. Car rental agent (CRA) : We are out of cars. Me: Are you sure. Can you call? CRA: (Calls Bob) Hey, are we accepting walk ups? Meanwhile I was on the rental company’s app and made a reservation. CRA: Sorry sir, but there are no cars. We […]

Little Lady

Airport Check In A little lady is working the counter. It is so good to see that short-people-discrimination is not in play here. She can barely see over the counter. Which is awesome because I can barely see over the counter myself. Our eyes meet. We can see each other from the eyes up, but […]

Loud Mama

ūüôā At the airport. MGM. It’s a ghost town in here. Delayed. Waiting for maintenance to repair an “issue.” I am for that! The place is quiet. 27 of us. The 28th & 29th are not quiet. Mom and child. Child may have a hearing disability for mom is a loud talker. The 27 have […]

Banking Help

In case you were wondering… At the bank drive thru. The sucky tube thing. You can put your deposit stuff in it, close the top and slip it in the suction vortex… but if you get distracted by your phone and don’t push the “Send” button the sucky tube won’t suck. After five minutes you’ll […]

Mission: Marriage

On the elevator… A sweet, older couple from India entered. They were tiny people. I felt right at home. Each had a big, bold, shiny button which read… “Happy Anniversary – 48 years!” Me: Wow!!! 48 years! Little lady: Yes, 48 years! Little man: Yes, 48. It has been very hard on me. Very hard. […]


ATL Airport… AirLady #1: Can I help you? Me: I’m trying to get an earlier flight home. AirLady #1: Let me see your ticket. I had it over. She looks it over. Then looks me over. Then hands it back. AirLady #1: Yes, we can help you. Please enter the line.

The PoPo

I’m at¬†¬†attending the¬† Ran 6 miles this morning. Got pulled over by the PoPo. PoPo: Excuse me sir. Me: Yes, officer. PoPo: Sir, we don’t allow running out on the roads around here. Me: (looking around) Am I supposed to run through the woods? How does this work? PoPo: (smiling) No sir. There’s a running […]