The Progress Principle: 5 Steps to Tackling Big Goals

If you’re starting a business or tackling another big project, maybe you can relate to this… I was sitting with my friend Jeremy at a restaurant, talking about business and life. He’d been wanting to start a business for some time. He talked about it a lot. He clearly was serious about it. And yet […]

How to F.O.R.M. Successful Habits

Think about some of the most successful people you know. Now ask yourself: Why are they so successful? Naturally, a variety of factors play into their success, such as having a positive mindset. However, if you look at these successful people carefully, you’ll quickly discover that virtually all of them have one thing in common. […]


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan Stop thinking you’re special in your fear of failing. Everyone fears rejection. Everyone fears embarrassment. Everyone fears failure. Everyone fears wasted effort. Everyone fears “What if.” You’re not alone in your fear. Not unique. Not a snowflake. Fear paralyzes, […]

Found: Your Voice!

The Voice on NBC features blind auditions. This is supposedly waaaaaay better than sight auditions where a person’s attractiveness, or lack of, could cause their vocals to take on a different quality to the listener. It’s crazy how the eyes can override the ears like that. Coaches on sight audition programs like America Idol have […]

Resistance Part 2

I intended to go to the gym this morning. But… I worked out a couple of days ago and I am pretty sure I felt some residual soreness. Some lingering lactic acid. No, it has nothing to do with aging and the lessening of my superhuman recovery. I intended to write a book. Actually books. […]


Where I am + ____________ = Where I want to be. That’s the way we process. Very succinct. Linear. Point A to Point B. Straight line and no interruptions. When you set a goal your mind sees the beginning. A successful end. And smooth going in between. However, that ________________ holds smooth sailing AND crashing […]

Do the Hustle

Originally the “hustle” was a dance in the 1970’s. (Whew! Just a sliver before my time.) Then hustle meant to make money doing something a little bit shady. I guess hustle can still mean both of those, but today it’s more focused on getting after it. Crushing it. Grant Cardone talks about working your Hustle […]

The Danger of Day 7

It’s day 7! We’re still so close to January 1, we can still touch it. Maybe even taste it if you had enough bacon. But before long, we’ll cross the threshold. The New Year will simply become 2014. Yes, it’s even dangerous here on day seven because by now we’ve reentered “reality.” And if we […]

I Don’t Wanna!!!!

Since January 1, I’ve been writing at least 500 words a day. And let me make this clear… I. Do. Not. Like. Writing. I like talking. It’s easier for me. Funner. (See? When I said “funner,” Autocorrect put a red line under it to condemn me. It’s not a word. But it is waaaaaaaaaaay better […]

Success is your duty, responsibility and obligation.

Average never yields anything more than average and usually much less. Average thinking and actions will only guarantee you misery, uncertainty and failure.

Success Is as Easy as 1,2,3

To lead a successful life, career, or business, you need only three things: 1. A crystal clear understanding of WHAT you want to achieve. 2. A passionate desire and burning WHY that inspires massive action. 3. A plan of action which points to HOW success will be achieved and when. The problem however is that […]