Do you really want to change your world? Do you want better friendships? A better relationship with the Lord? A greater heart for service? A happier home life? Decide. [display_podcast] Write it down. “Here’s what I want to change…” Wanting to change and wishing to change are two different things. If you want things to […]

“I’ll Work on That”

When someone says, “You know, you really need to change…” Too often we get defensive. Too often we get hurt. Too often we point to a flaw in the person telling us what to change. Too often we justify. Instead, like my buddy did in the last post, we could just say, “I’ll work on […]

Initiative is War!

“Have a New Kid By Friday” “Reach All Your Goals In 30 Days” “Click 3 Buttons And Get Rich Online.” Fast. Easy. Impossible results. That’s all we want. And delivered within the next hour thank you. Some change actually is easy. But most is war. It’s a battle. And there are injuries. How often do […]

Better Off

Better Off OK, so you want to change your world. You’ve decided. You’re serious. You want to be able to lay down at night, review the day and say, “Yep, it was good for me to be alive today.” I know that sounds a little egocentric. You can’t really go around saying, “You’re lucky I’m […]

Initiative is Movement

Move. Don’t just sit there… thinking… about how you want your life to be. Move. Take a step. Read the book by your bedside that promises to help you through depression. Take the painting course to unleash the Picasso you’re captivating. Get a sadist of a personal trainer to get you back in shape. Turn […]

Make Every Day Count

Today is a NEW day. The good news is that tomorrow will be new too! So our question is how do we get the most from each day? Personally, I feel it’s important to be able to say, “This was a valuable day” right before closing my eyes. (Note: That’s not the same as a […]

What Will They Lie About?

What Will They Lie About? You’ve either heard about or done this exercise… “Write your eulogy today. Write down everything you want said about you at your funeral. Now go out an live that way!” Good exercise. Here’s another. If you died today what would the preacher lie about at your funeral? How would your […]

Tornado Watch

Our area is under a tornado watch. Gusting winds. Dark grey sky. Rumbling in the clouds. Local weathermen and women fill the channels and commentate like Brent Musburger on Monday Night Football. (Lot’s being said, but most of it doesn’t make sense.) Until… “Please move to an interior room of your house.” “Take precaution.” PREcaution. […]

Shock and Awe

A friend of mine is changing his world. If you met him, he appears calm. Easygoing. But he actually has some anger issues. It doesn’t take too much to set him off. He never loses it physically. He more or less hits the button of “What’s wrong with you? That’s just stupid!” (Granted, who doesn’t […]

I Cheated and I Regret It!

Running. It began six months ago. New. Brand-new to running. Every step a pain. Every breath burned. The first mile felt like the green mile. A buddy thought a half-marathon would be a good motivation. So we trained for eight weeks. We entered. We raced – sorta. But we did finish!!! And the running continued. […]

Worse to Better

Moving from Worse to Better Think about anything that you used to stink at and how you got better. #1 You learned. #2 You practiced. #3 You improved. And possibly… #4 You mastered. OK… Take out the list you made in “Worse Off.” What needs to change immediately? What’s your first order of business? Here’s […]

Worse Off

Gossip. Lying. Bitterness. Overbearing negativism. Complaining. Know-it- all-ism Emotional abuse. Physical abuse. All of those and more, make your world worse off. They’re not constructive. No one becomes better off because of them. The “better off” list you made in the last chapter is hard because we don’t naturally think about the good inside of […]


Make the best decision you can and move on. Stop analyzing. Stop wondering if this decision is the BEST decision. You can’t know. You can guess at the outcome, but you can’t know the outcome until you decide and do. Fear and doubt combine their forces to prevent personal growth. They’re like evil “Wonder Twins.” […]


Dreamers draw detractors. Detractors distract. Detractors disillusion. Detractors divert. Maybe it’s jealousy. The inability to dream on their own. Maybe it’s revenge. They let the crowd get to them long ago and pressure them to compromise their plans. Maybe it’s simple pride. When you feel like you’ve let life pass you by it’s hard to […]


Stop calculating. Stop planning. Move. Go. Do. You’ve heard the famous quote… “We become what we think about.” Aristotle got closer, “We become what we repeated do.” Thinking is good for initial engagment. Doing is essential for results. Our mind plays tricks. It wants us to get consumed with thoughts and equate thinking with action. […]

The Scourge of Perfection

I hate perfectionism. It crushes dreams. It restrains the spirit. I’ve met thousands of people who never released the book or product or new idea because, “It’s not good enough yet.” And so fear creeps in. Doubt. Insecurity. Judgement. “What will people think?” “What will people say?” “Who am I to ______?” Did you know […]