What Would You…

What would you write…

If your name never showed?
If you couldn’t be rated or reviewed?
If no one could comment?

What would you say…

If no one could respond?
If you didn’t fear rejection?
If you didn’t crave acceptance?

What would you do…

If money didn’t factor?
If time didn’t shackle?
If no one knew it was you?

Fear inhibits our writing, speaking, doing.

At times it should because there are things we shouldn’t write or say or do. But they are few.

There are other things, however, which need to be published, shouted and shared. But fear strangles. It breeds caution. It invents and imagines the reaction of the world. It whispers, “Amateur.” It slips into our minds, takes up residence, and consistently points out why it’s just better to stay quiet.

And then. With two small words, fear gives us hope. A way out. The right to remain silent.

Fear leans in, and right against our ear so we can feel it’s breath, it exhales, “For now.”

“Don’t write that… for now. You’ll be better one day. After years of writing in the dark you can step into the light.”

“Don’t say that… for now. You’re time will come when you have more credibility and more authority and more right to say something so bold.”

“Don’t do that… for now. Leadership is granted, not grabbed. Be content to follow until you are positioned by another.”

O fear. You’re so sly like that. Not killing the dream just telling us to wait. Assuring us that our patience will be rewarded. Hinting at the bright future.

Fear you liar you. You know we will always be insecure. We will always doubt. We will always feel we are not good enough.

Fear here’s where you messed up. You blew it.

You didn’t pay attention to the other voices.
The voices of encouragement. The ones who grew from the words we were scared to send out, but did anyway. The ones who thanked us after the knee knocking speech. The ones who shook our hands after taking a feeble stand.

Terrified, yet driven by passion, we released our imperfection and lives were touched. Support came to us in our weakness.

Our “time” may never come. And that’s ok. We won’t be content while we wait “for now.”

We will write… now.
We will speak… now
We will act… now.

Success is NOT an Accident!


“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan

Stop thinking you’re special in your fear of failing.

Everyone fears rejection.

Everyone fears embarrassment.

Everyone fears failure.

Everyone fears wasted effort.

Everyone fears “What if.”

You’re not alone in your fear. Not unique. Not a snowflake.

Fear paralyzes, creates doubt, and magnifies indecision.

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What’s holding you back?




Two letters… GO!

Move. Attempt. Try. Act.

The longer you wait the less time you have to serve others. The longer you wait the more disappointed you become.

Stop waiting for perfect circumstance or the perfect plan. Take a step. And then another. Pretty soon you’re running toward the finish line.

The Power of a Disposable Website


The secret to building your platform? Permission to fail over and over without judgement.

Yep, you have permission to fail over and over again and it won’t even matter.

How can you do that?


Stay with me.

What is holding most people back from DOING?

01 :: Lack of Experience

02 :: Lack of Confidence (which often comes from lack of experience).

How do you get the experience you need?


Yet, almost no one seems to be practicing.

Maybe this sounds familiar…

You want your first website to make money.

You want your first product to make money.

You want your first squeeze page to capture everyone who lands on it.

You want your first sales copy to be magnetic and hypnotizing.

You want your first blog to be SEO ideal and your first post a masterpiece.


When did anyone do it “right” the first time?

Human beings cannot ride a bicycle right the FIRST time. Why in the world would we think we could create the perfect web business or blog right the first time?

You and I need to practice.


Get a disposable website.

“You said that already. What is it?”

Get a “worthless” domain name and hosting account. This will allow you to…

(a) LEARN while PLAYING at the same time.

(b) You’re allowed to MESS UP and it doesn’t even MATTER.

(c) You’re allowed to PRACTICE while gaining confidence and having fun in a ton of different internet business areas.

Here’s what that MIGHT look like….

01 :: Get a Bluehost account if you do not have one.

Look over their different offers. But all you really need for what I am showing you is the lowest level. However, I would go at least one step up just so I could add more domains later.

02 :: When you sign up select “register a new domain” and name it anything you want. You are NOT doing anything but practicing with this account.

03 :: Login. After you’ve ordered and you get the confirmation that your site is up, login to the cpanel. (The instructions will be in the email.)

04 :: Let the Games Begin! Just practice.

a. Set up an email account.

b. Use the “site builders” in the left navigation bar.

c. Scroll to the bottom and click “Fantastico De Luxe.”

-Under blogs click WordPress.
-Install it in a folder called “blog1” or whatever you want to name it.
-Just follow the onscreen instructions.

-Under “Content Management” click Joomla 1.5
-Install it in a folder named “joomla1” or whatever.
-Just follow the instructions onscreen.

You can go through almost everything in there if you want.

Install. Login to the admin area of the installation and just play around. It does not matter.

You get the idea. Just mess around. This is not a site you will ever send anyone to.

With a disposable site you can practice all you want. You can make as many mistakes as you want. You can install and delete as many blogs as you want. You can do whatever you want without anyone seeing it.


Success is NOT an Accident!!!


Employee or Entrepreneur?

Becoming an online entrepreneur begins in your mind.

Not with a website.

Not with an autoresponder.

It begins in your head. Entrepreneurs think and process differently than the mass population.

The masses want to make cash online. Believe its overnight. And think they have a right to it. Then get upset when it does not happen immediately.

Entrepreneurs want to build businesses. They know it will take time. They know work is involved. The results are their own.

The masses want to sell an ebook (and think that’s all they will ever need to do). The entrepreneur wants to create an empire.

As you can tell, there is different processing happening between these very opposite groups.


Because one group has been trained as an employee. The other as the owner.

One group is used to being TOLD what to do (employee).

While the other is used to DECIDING what to do (owner).

You can follow the herd or set the course – it’s your choice – and it starts in your mind.

Success is NOT an Accident!

Have Tools Will Travel!


2 – books  (No Excuses – Brian Tracy; The Pledge – Michael Masterson)

1 -black idea journal

5 – moleskin notebooks (one for copy, one for a training session I am going through, one for personal development, one for The Pledge and one for 2011 planning)

1 – orange notebook for daily goals and life tracking

1 – iphone 4 (not pictured)

1 – Macbook

5 – pen (3 black, 2 red – not pictured)

Rewriting Your Goals Daily

Goal setting is usually taught as if it’s static.

You set a goal. You go for it.

But there’s a problem. Sometimes we set goals without clarity. We THINK this is what we want to achieve, but deep, deep down we’re not sure.

When you rewrite your goals every day you not only reconnect with them immediately, you also test them. Goals are more about your gut then your ability to GO.

As you write down your goals each day you’ll know if something doesn’t feel right. Your mind will begin to work and churn. Within a few days your rewrite will be slightly different. Clearer. More on target.

Success is NOT an Accident,


The Purpose Myth

“What’s your purpose?”

That question implies there’s just one. And it often sends people searching.

“If only I knew my purpose.”

That statement implies that learning about purpose would suddenly create contentment. As if we will be so aligned that life will fall perfectly into place.

sidewalk flying / Foter

The truth is, however, deep down we do know our purpose. We do know what we need to do. The problem with purpose is that we are rarely on a mission. We love to think about it, it’s the action that causes the trouble.

Think about purpose for a moment…

There are certain significant roles we know we need to play at different points in life:

• Friend.

• Parent.

• Spouse.

• Child.

Or significant roles that we are to play all of the time:

• Servant.

• World changer.

• Peacemaker.

• Encourager.

These are all part of our purpose. (And there’s a lot more that could be added to those lists.)

You want know what I think?

I think purpose is our great copout. It’s a way for us to keep searching while we ignore what’s right in front of us.

Whether or not we find the mysterious purpose, we still have the call to engage life. And we do that by living in a way that helps and serves those around us.

Let’s replace the word purpose with mission.

Mission requires planning. Mission respects action. Mission reveals results.

Instead of asking, “What’s my purpose?”

Let’s ask, “Am I on a mission?”

What’s your mission as a parent?

What’s your mission as a spouse?

What your mission as an employee?

What’s your mission for your body?

What’s your mission for your friendships?

What’s your mission spiritually?

All of these can be pinpointed and planned for. All of these can allow you to look back in 30, 60, 90 days, or longer, and see exactly what you accomplished. Mission accomplished.

Some missions are short-term. Some are long-term. And some are life-term. But all require intel, a plan of execution, and the guts to carry it out.

Over the coming weeks, or possibly months, we will dive in to discovering, designing, deploying, and debriefing the missions of your life. That way it won’t matter if you find your “one and only” purpose, you will be making a purposeful impact on everyone around you.

Live Your Mission,





26 letters

Everyone who speaks this language has access just the same. I don’t get more letters to work with than you. You don’t get more to work with than me. Total equality.

The way we combine those letters creates impact.

We can build.

We can destroy.

Simply. Decide.


For the most part – as a society and as individuals – we are soft.

We give up too soon.

We fail to go to extremes.

We make excuses when we really did not give it our best.

We compromise our commitments.

We’re soft.

This episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition will show you what is possible when we push through barriers – when we remain focused – we we don’t give in.

Watch it here.

Live Your Mission,

God’s Will for My Life?

“If I just knew what God’s will for my life is, then I could… really be happy… know I have purpose… head in the right direction… let go and live fully… find peace… make a difference… ”

Good news! I found your personal purpose. Your personal assignment…

I Thess 5:12 Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. 13 Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other. 14 And we urge you, brothers and sisters, warn those who are idle and disruptive, encourage the disheartened, help the weak, be patient with everyone. 15 Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

You’re welcome.

Live Your Mission,

How to Turn the Mundane into a Mission

[D]oes today feel like déjà vu?

Do all your days seem to run together? Do you collapse at night knowing you’ve been “busy,” but you’re not sure what you accomplished?

Take these three initiatives to turn the mundane into a mission…

Initiative 1: Detail the To Do.

Most of us keep a mental list of what we have to do. But are you keeping a physical list? And if it is physical is it shorthand or long-hand? Put the details in your list.

“Listen to 30 minutes of Andy Stanley’s “Be Rich” on the way to work. Yesterday, Andy covered ________.”

That’s better than… “Listen to spiritual growth stuff.”

The more specific we are, the more important our minds label the task.

Maybe you’re picking up your son and 3 friends for a game. You might write down something like… “Carpool.”

Sure, that’s what you’re doing technically. But you can make it missional by focusing on the kids’ names and thinking a minute about their home life. Then talk with them with purpose along the way. That way you’re not just running an errand, you’re interacting & impacting.

“Pick up Zack, Steven, & Lincoln for soccer.” Could be the detail, here’s how to make it a mission…

Initiative 2: Define the Benefit

After detailing your to do, define the benefit. Write down at least one possible positive outcome for each task.

“Listen to 30 minutes of Andy Stanley’s “Be Rich” on the way to work. Learn new insights about money. Become be more conscious of the way I spend each dollar.”

“Pick up Zack, Steven, & Lincoln for soccer. Comment on the good grades I heard Zack got, check on Steven’s sister, ask about Lincoln’s family vacation. This will help me develop a caring attitude for others and be interested in what’s going on with them and build them up at the same time.”

Do either of those look like… spiritual growth stuff or carpooling? No.

Don’t both have more importance and weight? You know it.

Initiative 3: Describe the Value

At the end of each day or at the end of each week perform a detailed review.

Michael Hyatt schedules 2 hours on Sunday evenings for his weekly review and planning. (This is part of his Create Your Life Plan workbook.)

Does that sound like overkill? Yeah… IF you want to remain mundane.

When you review your week write down exactly how you grew and how you helped others. Again, be specific. You will be amazed at the amount of good you are doing that you’ve written of mentally. You’ll begin to recognize the impact you’re having that’s you’ve been ignoring. And you’ll never hit the pillow at night and wonder if you accomplished anything.

“I escaped a completely worthless purchase on Tuesday because of Andy’s teaching. That money can be put in Sharon’s college fund instead.”

“Zack smiled when I asked about his grades.”

These things might seem small, but they’re not. Each time we detail, define and describe our tasks we fill them with more meaning. We no longer have anything we do that’s mundane, instead it all becomes a mission.

Live Your Mission,

Why I Am Happy 92% of the Time

[I]t might be a little higher than 92%, but I didn’t want to brag. And I am not afraid at all for you to talk to any of my friends and family to find out if I am telling the truth.

It’s said that happiness is based on circumstances, while joy is based in the Holy Spirit. Joy is NOT determined by circumstances. We can all have it regardless of our situation.

Our son, Sam. He’s happy a lot too.

However, I AM talking about being happy.  This is about creating circumstances that produce happiness.

In order to get and stay happy some nouns  (people, places and things) may have to change. More importantly, you may have to change (I know I did!)

Before getting to the 6 Habits of Ridiculous Happiness here’s a quick test to help you determine if you have the raw materials necessary to make happiness easier.

Personal Happiness Test: Do you feel that a lot of life happens TO you? Or do you feel that a lot of life happened BECAUSE of you?

If you answered TO, then you’re going to have a tough time being happy. You most likely have a “victim” mindset. Nothing goes your way. The world is against you. You’re self-focused.

If you answered BECAUSE, then you’re going to have an easy time being happy. You most likely have a “contributor” mindset. A lot just seems to go your way. The world is waiting for your next action. You are others-focused.

The good news is that every TO person can become a BECAUSE person. Every BECAUSE person can become a BE-CAUSE person. This will help…

6 Habits of Ridiculous Happiness

Habit #1: Love.

Loved by God. John 3:16. I take that verse very seriously (and I don’t take much seriously at all).

It seems like a lot of folks on the planet are searching for acceptance. John 3:16 takes care of that. That makes me happy. (Of course you have to accept this truth. If you keep making that “why I’m worthless” list you’re never gonna have a permanent smile.)

Love others.  You may recognize this as “the second commandment.” Loving others makes you happier. You think about people and smile. You look for ways to carry out…

Habit #2: Helping Others

This is a BIG key to happiness. When we serve others I’m convinced it releases some sort of happy chemical. Doing something cool or sweet for someone unleashes a wave of goodness. You can…

Help an old lady get her groceries in her car.

Give a smile to the cashier.

Serve in a local mission or soup kitchen.

Sponsor an orphan.

Write a thank you note.

Leave a gigantic tip. (I did this at Waffle House last week and the waitress screamed so loud I could hear her at my car.)

Warning: there will be times when you serve and get rejected. The old lady might hit you with her cane. The cashier might give you the one finger wave. The waitress might take your tip and say, “It’s about time.”

Happiness is about the action you take, not the response you get.

Helping Others is something we all CAN and SHOULD do everyday to be happier. If you’re self-centered I think you deserve to be miserable.

Habit #3: Laughter.

I love to laugh and love to help other people laugh. If you want to be happier, you need to get funnier. Or at least get a sense of humor if you don’t have one.

One of the best things about Facebook is the number of funny sayings, images and video that are shared. You don’t have to be funny. On Facebook others can be funny for you.

Certainly you need to be able laugh at yourself. Most of my keynote speeches open with a segment called, “The Advantages of Being Short.” I make fun of myself while clearly pointing out that tall people will all be my height one day. 🙂 We all have a good time and folks find out that I’m not some serious speaker that’s come to drain them of life through boredom.

How can you help others laugh more?

Habit #4: Work.

If you HATE your work it’s gonna be tough to be happy. Hate and happy just don’t go together. They’re not good dance partners.

On the other hand, if you love your work and who you work with and who you work for it’s much easier to be happy.

“Paul, you don’t know my boss. He’s a real jerk! You’d be miserable to if he was your commander.”

Go back to Habit #2. If you can’t beat them; serve them.

Heads up: If you’ve hated every job you’ve ever had you must find the problem. What’s the ONE thing all those jobs had in common…. Ah… YOU!

Since you can’t fire yourself, make yourself better and your work will be better. And you’ll be happier.

Habit #5: Wiring.

Worry kills happiness.

OK, I’ve got an advantage here. I’ve never been a worrier. Some of my friends are though. I’ve seen them in mental wrestling matches with the great “What If?” The matches can go on for days, even weeks.

I knew I could never compete with them in the arena, so I decided not to worry. I mean some of these folks are real pros!!!

I’m not a psychologist so I can’t make you stop worrying. And I don’t know a magic formula – but I do recommend you go to YouTube and type in “Bob Newhart Stop It.” That might help.

Habit #6 Quit

I’m a quitter. I say that with no shame. Any job or activity that made me sad long-term I quit. That’s right. I did not battle through. Did not stay the course. I quit.

Noooooo….. don’t start quitting everything. You can’t just up and quit your job, but…

You can quit things that don’t help with happiness.

Quit smoking so you’ll be healthier.

Quit eating out so much so you’ll be wealthier.

There are a lot of things we could quit immediately that would help, right?

Why not make a list? During the week when you feel blah or sad write down why. Then determine if you can change what’s creating that feeling. If you can, then do it.

A caution here, though. It’s not about OUR happiness. People have done a lot of dumb, hurtful and harmful things in pursuit of happiness. Our happiness is not to come at the sacrifice or damage of others.

What’s keeping you from being happy?

Live Your Mission,

The PoPo

I’m at http://www.winshaperetreat.org/ attending the http://www.scorreconference.com/

Ran 6 miles this morning. Got pulled over by the PoPo.

PoPo: Excuse me sir.

Me: Yes, officer.

PoPo: Sir, we don’t allow running out on the roads around here.

Me: (looking around) Am I supposed to run through the woods? How does this work?

PoPo: (smiling) No sir. There’s a running trail about 20 yards to the right.

Me: So if I just break through the underbrush I can reach it?

PoPo: No sir. That would not be a good idea. Dangerous. Sorta like this road you’re on now. The young people around here don’t pay attention. You could get run over.

Me: You’ve got some strange kids. 4:30 am. Where I’m from no kids get up this early.

PoPo: (Laughing). Here neither. Just keep running. I’ll pull in behind you until you get to the turn off for the trail.

Me: AWESOME! I’ve never received a police escort!

Note: These conversations are first posted in Facebook. If you would like to read comments from friends, go to… http://www.facebook.com/PaulEvansImpact/posts/382982785078658


Down the Middle is Extinct

I don’t see pitches down the middle anymore – not even in batting practice.
Hank Aaron

Comfort. Safety. Predictability.

We often feel like “the middle” will make those three happen.

But what usually happens is we get scored on when we pitch down the middle.

Life isn’t always comfortable, safe or predictable. Rarely so.

Let’s live more toward the edge.