The PoPo

I’m at attending the

Ran 6 miles this morning. Got pulled over by the PoPo.

PoPo: Excuse me sir.

Me: Yes, officer.

PoPo: Sir, we don’t allow running out on the roads around here.

Me: (looking around) Am I supposed to run through the woods? How does this work?

PoPo: (smiling) No sir. There’s a running trail about 20 yards to the right.

Me: So if I just break through the underbrush I can reach it?

PoPo: No sir. That would not be a good idea. Dangerous. Sorta like this road you’re on now. The young people around here don’t pay attention. You could get run over.

Me: You’ve got some strange kids. 4:30 am. Where I’m from no kids get up this early.

PoPo: (Laughing). Here neither. Just keep running. I’ll pull in behind you until you get to the turn off for the trail.

Me: AWESOME! I’ve never received a police escort!

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It rang through the neighborhood.

“Paul, get in this house right now!”

Mom’s words left no guesswork.

Who – Paul

What – get in

When – right now

Where – house

How – I don’t think she cared.

How clear is your message?  How simple and direct are your directions? How often do you use code language hoping people get the hint rather than making it plain?

A few years ago I took a sudden trip to Moscow. By sudden I mean I called Marla at school and said, “He babe, I won’t be home when you get there, I’ll be on a plane to Russia.”

(See how clear those words are?)

Minutes later my ride arrived. After hopping in the car Lindy asked, “Have you had lunch?”

“Yep,” I said. “I just had a Coke Zero, pack of orange peanut butter crackers and a box of Junior Mints.”

On we drove to the airport to meet the team.

Check in and boarding was easy. The ten and a half hour flight to Moscow was smooth. The five of us landed in Russia, made it to our comfortable hotel rooms and then took a stroll through Red Square.

After about an hour John, Lindy’s husband said, “Anyone hungry?”

Fast as lightening Lindy said, “Well don’t ask Paul. If he’s already eaten you’re not getting anything.”

“What?!” I said incredulously. (I don’t exactly know what that word means, but it seems appropriate to use it here.)

“What?!” I said incredulously.

“Yeah,” Lindy continued, “I asked you if you had lunch and you said you did and didn’t ask me if I had lunch.”

“Huh, my bad,” I replied. “I thought the question was about me eating lunch, I didn’t realize it was really about you needing to get lunch. I totally missed that.”

Whether you’re making resolutions or teaching your old dog a new trick… be clear… or you just might wind up going hungry.