How to F.O.R.M. Successful Habits

Think about some of the most successful people you know. Now ask yourself: Why are they so successful? Naturally, a variety of factors play into their success, such as having a positive mindset. However, if you look at these successful people carefully, you’ll quickly discover that virtually all of them have one thing in common. […]

025 Live On Purpose

Had breakfast with my buddy Jon this morning. Sorta goal update and revival. We got off on a tangent about “the meaning of life,” living your purpose, and other such things. [display_podcast] Living your purpose can be difficult because you may spend your lifetime searching for YOUR purpose – if there’s even such a thing […]


Do you really want to change your world? Do you want better friendships? A better relationship with the Lord? A greater heart for service? A happier home life? Decide. [display_podcast] Write it down. “Here’s what I want to change…” Wanting to change and wishing to change are two different things. If you want things to […]


Across the street from my rental in Mexico is a lavandería. They… 1. Weight your clothes and charge per pound. 2. Wash and dry your clothes. 3. Put your clothes in a plastic bag. Simple. Because it’s hot and our team is working in the morning, spending time with the angels in the afternoon, and […]

Do you know what time it is?

6:04 am So far today… Recorded a podcast, edited, uploaded, posted. Created a new lead page Answered coaching questions Created mp4 downloads of Core4 Shared an article with Club Level on Facebook Listened to a chapter of 10X by Grant Cardone Worked out. 6:06 am Although I write and teach about productivity and goal setting, […]


“I’m unmotivated.” Ever felt unmotivated? You just didn’t “feel” like doing X? No one is exempt. The difference between those who achieve and those who merely dream is doing what you should do, when you should do it, whether you want to or not. Lack of motivation comes from lack of motive. Lack of reason. […]

026 Achieve Self-Discipline

The war of self-discipline We all have things we should be doing that we don’t. We all make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep. [display_podcast] Let’s say you promise to run every morning. The night before you set out your gear, plan the route, drink a big glass of water. You feel ready! Next […]


Prov 16:26 The appetite of laborers works for them; their hunger drives them on. What are you hungry for? What are you working toward? What ultimate result do you want? Hunger in the proverb does not mean slight craving or in want of a snack. It’s desperate. Right now I would really like a donut. […]

Found: Your Voice!

The Voice on NBC features blind auditions. This is supposedly waaaaaay better than sight auditions where a person’s attractiveness, or lack of, could cause their vocals to take on a different quality to the listener. It’s crazy how the eyes can override the ears like that. Coaches on sight audition programs like America Idol have […]

Make Every Day Count

We all hear things like… “Make every moment count.” Not to take the weight off us too much, but that’s impossible. However, you can make every day count! Use these 5.5.5. ways…


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Initiative is War!

“Have a New Kid By Friday” “Reach All Your Goals In 30 Days” “Click 3 Buttons And Get Rich Online.” Fast. Easy. Impossible results. That’s all we want. And delivered within the next hour thank you. Some change actually is easy. But most is war. It’s a battle. And there are injuries. How often do […]

The Power of a Disposable Website

The secret to building your platform? Permission to fail over and over without judgement. Yep, you have permission to fail over and over again and it won’t even matter. How can you do that? A DISPOSABLE WEBSITE. Stay with me. What is holding most people back from DOING? 01 :: Lack of Experience 02 :: […]


Potential… one of the most lethal words in the success dictionary. “Why don’t you live up to your potential.” “You’ve got so much potential.” “Don’t limit yourself. Reach your potential. You could do so much more than you’re doing now.” First of all, those phrases make it sound like, “Hey, you’re worthless now, but you […]

Extra Extra

“There are no traffic jams on the extra mile, ” Zig Ziglar.


Current action X _______ = Xtra

It’s more than a little bit more.

It’s a multiple. At times, eXponential.

The xtra mile is double, not just a few more feet.

Employee or Entrepreneur?

Becoming an online entrepreneur begins in your mind. Not with a website. Not with an autoresponder. It begins in your head. Entrepreneurs think and process differently than the mass population. The masses want to make cash online. Believe its overnight. And think they have a right to it. Then get upset when it does not […]

Achieve Magnitude

Our next ACHIEVE session is March 3 @ 3 pm CST. ACHIEVE Magnitude and generate greater significance and impact with your life. Session 3 of 12 from the ACHIEVE series. The 7 Laws of Magnitude – How to determine and forge life value. Incidental versus Intentional Immersion – How to best leverage immersion for the […]

Better Off

Better Off OK, so you want to change your world. You’ve decided. You’re serious. You want to be able to lay down at night, review the day and say, “Yep, it was good for me to be alive today.” I know that sounds a little egocentric. You can’t really go around saying, “You’re lucky I’m […]