025 Live On Purpose

Had breakfast with my buddy Jon this morning. Sorta goal update and revival.

We got off on a tangent about “the meaning of life,” living your purpose, and other such things.


Living your purpose can be difficult because you may spend your lifetime searching for YOUR purpose – if there’s even such a thing to be found. However, you can live ON purpose right now. Today. This second.

Here were some thoughts that came up. Maybe they will strike a chord with you and be helpful to your achievement regardless of you goal.

Live ON Purpose.

Stop being an accident waiting to happen. I am a firm believer that you should be able to lay down at night and know you added value to the world.

This might seem silly, but the tip I left the waitress this morning for example. She’s better off. I left a tip on purpose. A tip she would be grateful for. A tip that lets me rest easy tonight for having made another’s life a little bit better.

You don’t have to be Mother Teresa to live a meaningful life. You only have to be intentional with the lives around you.

Plan On Purpose.

Scheduling your week is not just so the calendar is full. Have purpose associated with every activity/task.

“Walk for an hour” is much different than “Walk for an hour, burn 400 calories, and work toward becoming a machine so I can play for hours with my kids without collapsing.”

One of those is a plan. One is a plan on purpose. I bet you can figure out which is which.

Start On Purpose.

Let’s say you have a job. Let’s say you just sorta waltz in each morning like you did the day before. Let’s say you don’t find a lot of meaning in your job and you’re frustrated about it.

Start on purpose. Assign yourself a task to perform right when you get to the office. Something you’re going to do right out of the gate. This wipes out a mindless start that searches for something to do. It avoids, “What should I be working on?” Within five minutes of punching in, you can know that you’re living on purpose because you started on purpose.

You literally can use this in every area. Meals, exercise, work, play, relationships, goals… you name it. Start on purpose.

Stay On Purpose

We all drift. We all start strong and then get soft. It’s not enough to remind yourself of your goals each day. It’s not enough to review your plan. You have to know the reasons that anchor your goals. (In the 5 Stones training, this is the Cornerstone.)

You stay on purpose when you engage an action with a specific reason.

Back to the earlier example… Let’s say I want to skip my workout. The reason (Cornerstone) for the workout is so I can get in shape and play for hours with my kids. If I don’t face that on purpose then I will probably skip the workout and grab some donuts. However, if I think, “I am choosing donuts over my kids,” that’s totally different. That’s shameful. Because the purpose of the workout is soooo much bigger.

If you’ll plan on purpose, start on purpose, and stay on purpose you will live on purpose.

Success is NOT an Accident!


P.S. Thanks to all who sent in questions for the free coaching I held on Friday. You should have received a reply by now unless you emailed after the session time ended.


Do you really want to change your world?

Do you want better friendships?

A better relationship with the Lord?

A greater heart for service?

A happier home life?



Write it down. “Here’s what I want to change…”

Wanting to change and wishing to change are two different things.

If you want things to change, but you’re not willing to put in the work, then you’re wishing.

If you decide you want change, but you’re not willing to pay the price, then you’re dreaming.

Deciding is not singular. It’s not a one-time event. It’s not a solitary thought.

Deciding includes thinking, planning, plodding and producing.

It’s not linear. There will be distractions, diversions and derailments.

But if you’ve truly made the decision, you keep going. You keep pushing. You keep paying. You keep praying.

Just because you’re making a “good” decision doesn’t mean it will be simple or easy. Just because you want to grow as person and impact your world doesn’t mean you won’t get damaged along the way.

For some reason we tend to think that setting good goals will somehow protect us from the battle. Since we’re doing the “right thing” then everything should just fall into place.

(Here’s some ammonia to sniff. Breathe deep. Wake up!)

In fact, often the opposite is true.

Let’s say you decide to be a better mom. You read books, attend seminars, follow advice and become a living sacrifice… then what happens? Everyone takes you for granted! 🙂

Our decision for change cannot be based on our reception or acceptance. We serve because it’s who we are and what we give not what we get.

We move with precise intention. Focusing on doing the right things at the right times.  But it begins with an intentional decision.

Back to the original question…

Do you REALLY want to change your world?

It may get expensive. It will definitely be challenging, even heartbreaking at times. It will also be filled with laughter, joy and excitement.

It will simply be life.

Success is NOT an Accident,

028 Information Overload

Got too much going on in your head as you’re trying to master a new process? Here’s a simple approach to ending information overload.

information overload

Information Overload

Anytime you start a new process you work on learning/mastering the steps. But that’s the problem there are steps and there are multiple instructors with multiple methods.

Chances are high that if you decide to to do something like… “start an email marketing list for my blog” that you will… 1. Buy a course or several to help you. 2. Get confused with all the technology and steps.

All of that will hit your brain, which will see no linear process, so it will shut down and block you from moving forward because “I don’t know where to start.”

Here’s how you ease information overload and start moving forward in peace.

#1 What do you want to accomplish?

#2 What can be done later?

#3 What’s the ONE thing to be done now? (First step.)

#4 What are the instructions for getting from where you are to that ONE thing?

#5 Can that be simplified even further?


To “start an email marketing list for my blog” you need an autoresponder service that allows you to capture, store and market using their system. There are about 20 steps to get up and running completely. BUT the ONLY step to do first is open an account. You do NOT need to worry about a widget when you don’t even have an account, right?

I can’t tell you the number of people I work with on something like this who ask, “How do I get my signup form in my sidebar on my blog?”

Me “What autoresponder service are you using?”

Them “I don’t have an autoresponder service yet.”

Me “Then why are you concerned about something that’s an impossibility right now?”

Here’s how it might look…

#1 What do you want to accomplish? (Set up a opt-in funnel based on 20 steps.)

#2 What needs to be done later? (Steps 2-20)

#3 What’s the ONE thing to be done now? (First step.)

#4 What are the instructions for getting from where you are to that ONE thing? (Open an account)

That’s it. Is there more to be done? Yes, but you do the pressing and ignore the stressing until those things enter the process.

Success is NOT an Accident!


027 Measure by the Mission

How to keep pursuing your dream in the face of criticism and judgement.


We all face…

  • Judgement – a rating system, let’s say 0-5 stars.
  • Criticism – the actually review of our efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could give you a formula to protect your heart from ever being hurt by judgement and criticism, which leads to feeling rejected? That’s would be awesome! Not sure it exists, BUT you can…

Measure By The Mission

  1. Filter the feed back through your mission.
  2. Focus on the outcome of the mission.
  3. Fulfill your mission

Let’s hear your judgement and critic on iTunes… Click here to subscribe, rate and comment about this podcast.

026 Achieve Self-Discipline

The war of self-discipline

We all have things we should be doing that we don’t. We all make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep.

Let’s say you promise to run every morning. The night before you set out your gear, plan the route, drink a big glass of water. You feel ready!

Next morning the motivation has vanished. You sit on the edge of your bed. Your shoes are starring up at you. Are they smirking? Are they actually saying, “I told you so!”?

Yet, even with sneaker laughter, you sit. Thinking. Weighing the pros and cons. Imagining how tired you will get. Concentrating on how hard it will be. Finally, you decide, “I just don’t want to.”

So you don’t. You hit the shower. Grab a donut. Head to work. Promising yourself that tomorrow will be different. (Liar.)

Why do some people make it and others don’t? Why do some achieve their goals and others give-up soon after they start? Why do some stare their shoes into submission, lace them up, then pound the pavement; while others follow the path above?


Here’s the definition… “Self-discipline is the ability to do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Elbert Hubbard

  • It makes you hit the ground running.
  • It forces you to finish the task.
  • It compels you to chase the dream.
  • It calls for you to keep going when you don’t feel like it.
  • It questions your lazy and your quit.
  • It drags you into completion.
  • It creates guilt when you stop too soon.
  • It interrogates your motives and your why.
  • It takes the reigns and cracks the whip.
  • It punches the acceleration on achievement.

And most of humanity lacks it.

They sit in front of the tv eating cheese curls waiting for their world to change. Or they buy the next distraction. Or they sip on good intentions as they plan their next conquest.

People (you and me) don’t fail for lack of a plan. We have plans, formulas, roadmaps, blueprints – you name it. Anything you want to achieve, a plan already exists. That’s not the issue. The issue is persistent, consistent action. Period.

Here’s my question to you – would you like to become self-disciplined? Would you like to win more of the battles you’re losing with will power and accomplishment?

This coming Monday, July 7 at 3 pm CDT / 4 pm EDT

ACHIEVE Discipline

We will dive into…

  • The culture of manufacture celebrity and success and how it has made us sorry and lazy.
  • Your two worst enemies and how to conquer them.
  • The three requirements for achievement. If you will do #3 you’ll never have an issue with success ever again.
  • How to stop being a quitter.
  • Your duty, responsibility and obligation. This section will kick mediocrity and average in the back-end!
  • The 4 quadrants of accomplishment. This last section will really take the blinders off. It explains why we get some things done immediately and others we mess around with or make excuses. Hit the right quadrant and you will explode your results.

Without a shadow of a doubt this training will help you gain self-discipline.

Whether you make it to the live training or catch the replay it will be worth it.

Are you in? Are you ready to win?

Join Achieve

Success is NOT an Accident!

p.s. After this session ACHIEVE will be $197. Join now…

Found: Your Voice!

The Voice on NBC features blind auditions. This is supposedly waaaaaay better than sight auditions where a person’s attractiveness, or lack of, could cause their vocals to take on a different quality to the listener. It’s crazy how the eyes can override the ears like that.

Coaches on sight audition programs like America Idol have been heard to say things like “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Was he singing?” as they wiped their mouths with a napkin after a good looking contestant gave it all they got.

Back to The Voice.

Blake, Usher, Adam and Shakira don’t get to use their eyes in round 1, so their choices are pure. Once they turn around, you immediately find out what they think about the rest of the package. When looks enter the picture, questionable calls can happen at any moment.

Just because someone can sang good doesn’t actually mean they will get to advance. There are two primary reasons good singers go home – even good looking singers…

Number one, they sound like the person who recorded the song they performed for the coaches (and all of America!)

Yep, some of these singers have the audacity to reproduce the exact style and tone of the person selling 1.3 gagilllion downloads of the single. Can you believe it? Wanting to sound like someone who has enough money to buy a country and then fill said country with inhabitant based solely on fan base? Crazy, right?

For example…

Contestant sings “Dude Looks Like a Lady” by Aerosmith. He sounds just like Steven Tyler. On top of that, dude actually looks like a lady. You would think that would be a double whammy of positive outcome. There’s no way this cat can’t win.


Blake, “I don’t know. You really look like a lady and all, which I find attractive and so does Adam, but I couldn’t hear YOU. I just heard Steven Tyler. Maybe if you’d had a scarf draped around you, it would have been better for me. But what do I know? I’ve only won The Voice 3 times and have a bunch of Grammys that are under my butt right now just in case I fight for one of you guys.”

Number two, they don’t sound like anyone. This is sorta unfair. One contestant gets reamed for sounding identical to the original artist, and the next is told they don’t stand out. They don’t have a unique sound.

Moments later they stand in front of the camera fighting tears while exclaiming that it was a honor to be on the show, but deep down they will always remember those words, right?

“You’re trying to sound too much like famous singer who’s mega-rich.”

“You don’t sound distinct. What’s your name again?”

You know what? I think those two reasons are the same reasons we used to go home and stay home instead of releasing our voice.

One the one hand, we clone people. We read an author and feel like we can write that way. We hear a speaker and want to talk that way. It’s natural.

On the other hand, we don’t feel like we have anything special to say. We feel nondescript and monotone.

Listen up!

I’m gonna help you find YOUR voice.

Huh? No. I’m not lying. I’m gonna do it!

Why would I give you such a gift?

Cause I am super nice that’s why! Just ask the three friends I will personally direct you too, and you’ll see it’s true.

Another reason I want you to “find” your voice is because you and the world will be better when you do. You’ll stop whining about not being a snowflake, and you’ll be happy since snowflakes melt in heat and don’t last long in general. You’ll survive every season as YOU.

My gift to you…

5.5.5 Voice Finding Maxims

(For those of you who don’t know what a maxim is, it means fundamental principle. I actually had the word principle right there, but used my handy thesaurus to sound smarter than I am, so you get Maxims!)

1 Your Voice Isn’t Lost – You’re Ignoring It!

You can stop reading after this point if you want. This is really all there is to it.

You’ve used your voice every single day since that first “Mama.”

Every. Single. Day.

You’ve mastered your voice. You know what you think is funny. What you react to. What you love. What you hate. What you find interesting. What you find boring. What you loooooooove to talk about. What you wish would never be mentioned again.

You watch a movie you like and immediately text your friends or, gasp, post it on Facebook for the world. You’re not scared of sharing that. You only lose your voice when you think you’re sharing something important. Then you shift your voice. You try to sound “professional.”


Stop it.

Write. Sing. Speak. – just like you do with your friends. Just like you do every single day.

That’s your real voice. Period.

At least that’s you’re voice right now. If you don’t like it, then proceed…

(Oh, I’d like to take a quick time out and remind you that I said I’d help you find your voice and we already did. Promise delivered! If you would like free training on finding your voice click here.)

2 Forget the Judges

Those blasted judges. Our fate is in their hands! Curses!

If only we can impress them enough to turn their chairs around.

Oh, Wait. They’re really aren’t any judges.

No one waits by their computer to rate your next blog post or Instagram shot. (If they do, they are deranged and need to take some tablets, and you need to block them. I cannot express fully the joy of blocking someone who waits just to trash other folks.)

You THINK everyone stands with rejection stamp in hand.

“Boring post!” Slam! Rejection.

“Boring speaker!” Wham! Rejection.

Lean in here.


Here’s the secret…

There are no judges. Not until you become a NYT bestseller – then everyone who’s never written a book thinks they can boot you. 😉

Until then quit inventing imaginary magistrates.

3 Practice in the Shower

Why the shower? Because you’re alone and hopefully the water is drowning the bad notes, and the echo is glorifying the good ones. However, if you have kids there is no alone space. Ever. Not even the shower. How in the world do they learn how to pick locks at age 2? It’s downright spooky.

Anyway. The shower let’s you let go.

The shower can be literal if you’re singing or an analogy if you’re doing something else.

Here’s an example of a shower if you’re a blogger… get a disposable website. Buy a domain. Set up WordPress. Blog. No one has to see it. Ever.

“But Google will find me somehow and then the world will be reading my stupid.”

Nope. It doesn’t work like that.

That little undisclosed blog will give you the greatest creative gift you could ever wish upon a star to receive…


Permission to write what you want the way you want. Permission to say what you want the way you want. You know you’ve always wanted to. You’re whole life you’ve wanted to be a free bird. (That’s why it’s the most requested song ever, even at Miley Cyrus “concerts.”)

If you’re a little slow, the point is this: You need a place where you get to practice without critique.

4 PRACTICE in the Shower

Ready to be blown away? Ready? Those coaches on The Voice, they can really sing. They can carry it. They can bring it. If you’re from the 90’s, they’re the bomb. If you’re from the 80’s they are for real. If you’re from the 70’s it doesn’t really matter because the dope has erased that decade.

Those judges/coaches can sing.

The insane part? They practice. But not practice. They PRACTICE. They work on their craft. Breathing exercises. Riffs. Rolls. Lip beaters with trills. And not a single one of them can look cool while doing any of those drills. It’s impossible because all singing drills look and sound silly.

One of the exercises my one-day vocal coach has be do sounded like a mix of Ray Ramona and Yogi Bear. I fired him and went out in search of my manhood.

The pros don’t care. They hit it hard with the silly, so they can SING. It’s not just talent on the loose. It’s trained, honed, bleeding vocal chord talent.

Are you willing to put in the hard work to make your voice great?

Answer the question.

Did you answer, “Yes!”?

I’m not surprised. Everyone answers yes. Everyone says they will.

Not to hurt your feelings, but it’s a little fib we all like to tell ourselves. The truth is we’d already be working our tails off if it were a true “Yes.”

To get a great Voice is gonna take more than you’ve ever given in your life. Some days you will radiate glory and the next you will be crumpled on the curb with your head leaned in the street as you dare the oncoming traffic.

Too graphic? Not if you said, “Yes!” You’ve gotta be willing to face it all. Finding your voice is a cinch. Honing your voice requires blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes all three at once.

5 Siiiiiiiiiiing

Stop studying the masters. Stop buying all the stuff that you hope will automatically transform you.

Write. Sing. Speak. Paint. Build. Ride. Climb.

Whatever your voice does, do it.



Do that thing you’re called to do the way you do it.

5.5 Listen Back

We live in advanced times. You can get microscopic wireless ear buds for your listening pleasure. But you go to the studio and the pros have on those earphones the size of the Empire State Building. King Kong could wear those suckers listening to Run DMC, while he’s scaling the building with that woman in his hand.

In today’s advanced age of technology why in the world are artists wearing phonographs?

They do not want to hear anything but the voice. The music. The song.

We loooooove distraction. Squirrel.

Twitter and Facebook stream. Youtube screams. There’s a constant invitation to distraction.

Result? We don’t hear too well. We don’t listen close to our own voice because there are soooo many other voices surrounding us. And they’re loud. Baby at 2 am loud.

Put on your 1956 headphones. Block out the crap. Listen to you. Evaluate. Make adjustments. Tweak. Edit.

5.5.5 Launch

You gotta go public.

You gotta let others hear your voice.

You gotta be ok with the results as you continue to grow.

Everything can’t be great. Oh, I’m sure there’s a book out there saying every moment of your life can change the world, but that’s poppycock.

Heck, the same dude who wrote and rode “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” to #1 also released “Butterflies.” Everything can’t be a hit.

Our voice is designed to be shared not stifled. You’ve probably already mastered stifling. Cut it out. Let it go!

Whew! Well, I think that’s just about enough. You’re probably tired of hearing my voice by now. I know I am.

Success is NOT an Accident!


Click Here to Launch Your Voice: Discover . Develop . Deploy

Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer


Boring drugs the audience. It automatically induces a big ol’ case of the drowsies. Transports folks directly to droolville. (And believe me, you do not want to have to hand out napkins with your presentation.)


That photo was snapped during my “Tricia” story at Carrie Wilkerson’s BOSS Event. Even the guy on the cell phone is laughing. 🙂

Here are 5.5.5 ways to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer. (You can get even more ways in my free ENGAGE video.)

#1 Be Funny. No, don’t tell jokes, just be humorous. Nothing keeps the audience engaged better than laughter and smiles. Period. You don’t have to be a comedian – you just need to be light when the moment is right.

#2 Be Interactional. Include the names of people you’ve met in your talk. Use them as positive examples. Prove that the people in the seats are important to you.

#3 Be Clear. No one likes a rambler. People like points. They like to be able to take notes and go home with specifics.

#4 Be Fresh. Speak with an “I just discovered this” attitude. The 500th time you’ve given this speech? It’s my first time hearing it, so give me your fresh.

#5 Be Passionate. Passion bleeds. It helps others, delivers results, cannot go unresolved and makes you and others better off. Speak with passion or just leave me a note.

#5.5 Be Authentic. Gestures, voice, style should be the same on and off stage.

#5.5.5. Be Light. Don’t take yourself so serious.


Goals vs Results

Goals reflect the desired destination.

Results reveal the actual destination.


You set a goal to lose 10 pounds. It’s an ideal. A thought. A wish. A desire.

You lose 8. Result revealed. Accomplishment attained.

Was the goal too big? The actions too small or too few?

You lose 12. Result revealed. Accomplishment attained.

Was the goal too small? Did the actions produce more than guessed?

For the most part a goal is just a guess. It’s where you HOPE to be at the end of a precise period. You have to do the work to get there. Unless you have been around or near the destination before it’s going to be tough to be accurate.

But once you have a RESULT! Every time you repeat a similar goal from this point forward you have data to work with. You have a plan you used and the payoff from the execution.

You should be able to move from desired destination to determined destination right from the get go!

This morning my workout partner, Matt, and I did bench presses. I’ve done them before so I knew that if my goal was to bench 200 pounds it’s doable. If the goal was to bench 400 it’s stupid.

But what if I had never benched before? What if I saw someone doing 200 and it was EASY for her? What might go through my mind?

“That girl did it! I bet I can do it too!”

If this was my first workout the result would lie somewhere between a really bad moment and the emergency room.

But once I got under some weight. Once I tested it. Once I had some data. THEN I could make a wise decision about future goals and plans – not based on a guess, but based on execution.

Goals reflect the desired destination.

Results reveal the actual destination.


Rule Your Results #4 : Control Your Reactions


Law #1: Control your time.

Law #2: Control your thoughts.

Law #3: Control your actions.


Rule Your Results: Law #4 – Control Your Reactions.

We’ve been talking about controlling YOUR time, thoughts and actions. But you can’t control everything. You certainly cannot control people. There’s no telling what those crazy folks might say or do!

“You’re wanting to do what? Make money on the internet? Have you lost your mind?”

“You’re wanting to lose weight and shape up? Didn’t you have that same goal last year?”

“Quit dreaming and get a real job.”

“Look, maybe you just need to face reality.”

How do you react to stuff like that?

Do you…

Think they are right?

Get angry and want to prove them wrong?

Wonder why they pick on you?

Wipe a tear and then think about giving it all up?

Control, control, control all of that.

reactionBut often the enemy isn’t “out there” and might not even be “them.”

Sometimes the enemy is a lot closer. Right inside our own heads (that’s why controlling thoughts is so important).

Sometimes it’s the bright red “hot donuts now” sign at Krispy Kreme (that’s why we control our actions).

Sometimes it’s one more slap on the snooze button (that’s why we control our time).

And if your head, a donut or sleep wins… then there’s a tiny, subtle reaction that can take place.

It’s dangerous too.

It’s called the “OK” reaction.

OK creates a false belief. A way of convincing ourselves that this failure to control time, thoughts or action is “just this one time. I’ll just cheat this once. Just a little. I’ll get right back on the straight and narrow tomorrow.“

(insert a low soft whistle as you read)


That’s treacherous.

“It’s OK. Just this once” will KILL your dreams, resolutions and good intentions. They turn into chain reactions and then it’s over.

Whether you get angry at someone attacking your dreams or you get lax and unintentionally drop them one donut at a time – both are failures to control your reaction. The way you deal with what’s confronting you at the moment. Some things are major, some are minor, but all are results deadly.

Reaction does not have to be unmeasured and unchecked.

Protect yourself from runaway recoil…

01 :: Advanced Decisions

Chances are high that nothing unusual derailed you in the past. Everything I mentioned above is normal. And all of those could have a premeditated response.

You could easily prepare yourself and laugh at the skeptic, call your mind a liar, or yell, “NO!” to the donut.

(I’d like to make a suggestion on that last one. Run into the donut shop and start screaming no to the donuts – just to see what happens.)

You already know 90% of what you’re going to come up against. You can decide right now what you will do or say, so you don’t have to think about it at all when it shows up.

02 :: Accurate Assessment

Don’t OVERreact.

I hear people say things like, “I’m a complete failure.”


That’s not even possible.

“I never do anything right.”


Get logical. Think for a few minutes and really consider the situation before jumping to crazy conclusions.

There are things you are doing right, right now in your online business. Don’t forget that!

03 :: Arrest Emotions

When it comes to reacting, more emotion is not better.

One time in India we did not use the right taxi system. About 20 drivers surrounded our vehicle. They threatened to disassemble the SUV and disassemble our driver.

What if I had stepped up, got in their faces and screamed, “I’m an American and you can’t treat us like that!!!!”?

Yeah, I might not be writing this right now.

I couldn’t let my emotions take advantage of the situation. It could have been disastrous.

When have you ever made a solid, high emotion decision?

When have you ever made a BAD high emotion decision?

I’m betting the second list is waaaaaaaaaay longer. I mean waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer.

Control your time.

Control your thoughts.

Control your actions.

Control your reactions.

Success is NOT an Accident!

Paul Evans

Rule Your Results #3 : Control Your Actions

You know, it seems like every town has at least one person who is like Clark Griswald in Christmas Vacation. He’s not just going to light up his house, but the entire neighborhood.

We have several of those in our area and it’s awesome! (Rumor has it that some astronauts called and asked them to turn the lights down a bit!)

The reason those kings of the Christmas lights bring so much fun is because of the next law in the series.

Recap: Law #1 – Control your time. Law #2 Control your thoughts.

Rule Results: Law #3 – Control Your Actions.

If you are going to rule your results you must DO until DONE.

Just like there is Fix and Flow time. The same is true for actions.

Remember from the first article in the series?

Fixed time is controlled by someone else. Flow time is controlled by you.

Your fixed actions are controlled by another, but your flow actions are controlled by you.

What’s strange is what takes place with fixed actions. Things become autopilot – almost like a Zombie.

For example – watch people on their way to work. Their time is fixed, it’s controlled by someone else. Their movement is monotone – its fixed in a pattern. It’s like the Night of the Living Dead out there.

This is important.

Think about it for a second.

The average person is living a mediocre, rote, monotone, routine, colorless, drab, flat life.

I DON’T WANT THAT. How about you?

goControl your actions and you bring warmth, depth… life into your life. You have meaning and purpose.

Writing this article is Action Control. I’m doing what I want to do, when I want to do it.

It’s fun. I’m happy.

However. Everything in life isn’t fun, easy or what we want. So how do we handle that? We become self-employed.

No… we don’t start our own business necessarily. We decide to work for ourselves regardless of the paycheck. We decide to make our actions count even if we hate the task.

Here’s how to control your actions…

01 : Plan What.

Write down exactly what you want or have to do. (Write an article, create a website, workout, go to work.)

02 : Plan When.

Set a specific time to do it. (8:15 am, Noon, 7:10 pm)

03 : Plan Width.

How long will the task take? Specifically.

This is where we lose a lot of time. You sit down to write an article and spend 2-3 hours on it when it should have taken 20 minutes.

You go to the gym for an hour. Really? Is an hour needed? Maybe on cardio day. But let’s say you’re working chest and shoulders and you know you can get done in 35 minutes. Then put that down specifically.

Right now you probably don’t have a clue at the real amount of time you are spending on any given task or activity.

Start a journal where you record the exact amount of time you spend on specific actions. Then the next time you plan you’ll have a close guess at actual time needed.

I use The Human Time Machine to stay on task!

04 : Plan Wealth

Create a picture of the result. What will happen when you do this task?

  • One step closer to weight loss goal?
  • One step closer to a product release?
  • One step closer to impacting lives?
  • One step closer to promotion?

Yes, part of life is doing what we have to do when we have to do it as told to us by other people.

But when it comes to actions YOU are in control of, you MUST be intentional. You have to be focused and get guerrilla on the goal.

Approach your actions with aggressiveness.

The “local Griswalds” Christmas lights didn’t just appear. They took action.

Please don’t tell me that those guys work harder on their lighting, than you work on your life.

Success is Not An Accident!


The Human Time Machine

Rule Your Results #2 : Control Your Thoughts

Lots of positive feedback from Law #1 – Control Your Time. Control Your Destiny.

Maybe you feel like Stan who commented…

I plead guilty. I agree with all of the above 100%. The problem with a lot of us, including myself, is that we are new to the business and are suffering with information overload. We’re going in ten different directions and accomplishing nothing. Just spending hours in front of the computer reading emails and sales letters for the next best great thing to make money. At some point we have to realize that we just can’t buy and do all this stuff at once. Stop buying stuff and FOCUS on one thing that we already have. And do it ruthlessly and relentlessly like you said. Thanks for the tips.
Stan S.

On to…

Rule Results: Law #2 – Control Your Thoughts.

Instead of letting your mind wander, get aggressive with your head.

Stop letting just anything in. Be selective.

Stop letting it go where it wants all the time.

Tiger Woods didn’t control his thoughts and you see where he went for a while… into hiding.

Focusing on your goal requires taking your thoughts captive. You cannot afford to get distracted. When you waste time, you waste momentum.

When you’re writing an article and you hear your email alarm, your messenger bong or your social media alert – and you actually follow like Pavlov’s dog you are NOT controlling your thoughts. They are controlling you.

What do you think about? What rolls through your brain?

“Someone has an important message for me!” “Someone has just tweeting something entertaining!”

And just like that you’ve given your focus over to the non-essential.

Here’s some help in controlling your thoughts…

Think Specifically.

Concentrate on being precise.

Let’s say you’re moving in on goal X and you’re taking action Y. How EXACTLY will Y help you achieve X?

When the interruptions and distractions come ask yourself, “How will this help be get to X?” If it doesn’t, then shelve it. Move back to the action you KNOW is helping you right now.

Think Profitably.

Concentrate on current action and complete it. That way you can lay down at night knowing you’ve been productive. You can rest in the confidence that the day was not a waste, but profitable toward your goals.

Think Directionally.

Concentrate on your internal GPS. Where do you want to go? What will it look like when you get there? What will it take to get there?

Your GPS should become your guide and filter for any diversions or side roads.

The answers to all those questions should be extremely clear. And if you couldn’t answer them instantly, start thinking about them right now.

The general population reacts. They react to what they see and hear around them. Little thought. Little planning.

YOU can really separate yourself by taking thought initiative. Control your thinking. Be intentional with what goes on in your head and what goes on in your head.

Success is NOT an Accident!


Rule Your Results #1 : Control Your Time

Rule your results.

In science it’s called “cause and effect.”

Boy kicks ball. Ball rolls.

Exercise and eat less. Weight loss.

Sell stuff. Make money.

Alabama crushes WHOEVER in the BCS Championship. Everyone’s happy. 🙂

When you know the outcome you want [effect] and you ruthlessly pound your plan [cause] – you are ruling your results.

We’ll look at five laws that literally can change your life. They will change your business without a doubt. Here’s the first…

Rule Results: Law #1 – Control Your Time; Control Your Destiny.

timeBecome compulsive about time. You’re not getting it back. It’s finite and none of us knows how much of it we have.

One person may have 60 more years and another 60 more seconds. You can’t accurately value time because the amount is unknown and unique to each person.

What we CAN do is control the time we have.

My son, Steven, controls his time.

He knows exactly how long he will play a video game before starting homework. He knows how long his homework will take. He knows when he will do both. Rarely does he miss his mental numbers. It’s strange, but fun.

(And the kid is an athlete, which makes his time obsession odd.) 🙂

But maybe he got it from me. I’m definitely time irrational.

Controlling your time allows you to get more done, faster and more accurately.

It’s 5:38 am as this is being written.

I began at 5:30. I’ll be done at 6 am and headed to Donut Plant in NYC since I’ve never been and I’m heading home in a few hours.

I’m controlling time right now. I’m controlling destiny.

In the short-term this article will help all who apply it.

In the long-term it will help grow my business.. Which means more income. Which means helping more orphans.

How do you control your time?

First, what amount of your time is FIXED?

Someone else controls it. Someone else commands it.

Write down how much time of the week you have no influence on, it’s already planned for you.

Second, everything that remains is FLOW time. You control the flow of it. You determine what to do with. You decide how to use it.

Flow is where people waste the most time because they usually don’t control it. They’re haphazard.

Instead, become decisive about time.

If you have 60 minutes a day to devote to your online business then DEVOTE it. Don’t allow anything to interfere. Be relentless. No excuses.

Average people kiss even their flow time goodbye. They spend time surfing around. Spend time in forums with folks who have no clue, but act like they do. Tweet their life away 140 characters at a time.

Get time conscious and time focused. Become acutely aware of when and what you do and shape it. Mold it like Michelangelo.

Control your time; control your destiny.

Success is NOT an Accident!

p.s. Toward the end of the video there is “how to determine your fixed and flow” tutorial.

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015 : Just for Today

My friend David is a recovering addict. He inspired today’s thoughts…