“024 Launch Your Voice”

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Launch Your Voice: Discover . Develop . Deploy

Found: Your Voice!

The Voice on NBC features blind auditions. This is supposedly waaaaaay better than sight auditions where a person’s attractiveness, or lack of, could cause their vocals to take on a different quality to the listener. It’s crazy how the eyes can override the ears like that. Coaches on sight audition programs like America Idol have […]

Avoid Becoming a Human Tranquilizer

Boring drugs the audience. It automatically induces a big ol’ case of the drowsies. Transports folks directly to droolville. (And believe me, you do not want to have to hand out napkins with your presentation.)


That photo was snapped during my “Tricia” story at Carrie Wilkerson’s BOSS Event. Even the guy on the cell phone is laughing. :)

Here are 5.5.5 ways to avoid becoming a human tranquilizer…

010 Know Your Audience

Podcast of the Know Your Audience Article.

Goals vs Results

Goals reflect the desired destination. Results reveal the actual destination.

You set a goal to lose 10 pounds. It’s an ideal. A thought. A wish. A desire. You lose 8. Result revealed. Accomplishment attained. Was the goal too big? The actions too small or too few? You lose 12. Result revealed. Accomplishment attained. Was […]

Rule Your Results #4 : Control Your Reactions

Whether you get angry at someone attacking your dreams or you get lax and unintentionally drop them one donut at a time – both are failures to control your reaction. The way you deal with what’s confronting you at the moment. Some things are major, some are minor, but all are results deadly.

Reaction does not have to be unmeasured and unchecked.

Protect yourself from runaway recoil…

Rule Your Results #3 : Control Your Actions

If you are going to rule your results you must DO until DONE. Just like there is Fix and Flow time. The same is true for actions. Here are 4 ways to control your actions…

Rule Your Results #2 : Control Your Thoughts

Focusing on your goal requires taking your thoughts captive. You cannot afford to get distracted. When you waste time, you waste momentum.

Rule Your Results #1 : Control Your Time

Rule your results. In science it’s called “cause and effect.” Boy kicks ball. Ball rolls. Exercise and eat less. Weight loss. Sell stuff. Make money. Alabama crushes WHOEVER in the BCS Championship. Everyone’s happy. When you know the outcome you want [effect] and you ruthlessly pound your plan [cause] – you are ruling your results. […]

015 : Just for Today

My friend David is a recovering addict. He inspired today’s thoughts…

012 Eat with Your Audience

The podcast version of the Eat with Your Audience article.

011 Universal Stories

Podcast version of Universal Stories

009 Acceptance

How to move from unhealthy to heathy acceptance when you engage your audience.