028 Information Overload

Got too much going on in your head as you’re trying to master a new process? Here’s a simple approach to ending information overload. [display_podcast] Information Overload Anytime you start a new process you work on learning/mastering the steps. But that’s the problem there are steps and there are multiple instructors with multiple methods. Chances […]

How to Start Your Day

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I’m not sure about that. All meals feel important to me! Heck, I’m not even finished with a meal, and I’m thinking about the next one. (I know, I know, first world problems.) The reason folks say breakfast is the most important is […]

Simple Questions

You can start right now by honestly assessing your business and your life by asking yourself these questions… 1. What gets too much attention? Is there some area where you seem to spend a lot of time, attention and other resources? One common problem is that people tend to spend too much time focusing on […]

Rule Your Results #4 : Control Your Reactions

Whether you get angry at someone attacking your dreams or you get lax and unintentionally drop them one donut at a time – both are failures to control your reaction. The way you deal with what’s confronting you at the moment. Some things are major, some are minor, but all are results deadly.

Reaction does not have to be unmeasured and unchecked.

Protect yourself from runaway recoil…