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  • Thank you for showing all these benefits and so easy.
  • Paul why would a person use a double opt-in, what would be the purpose? Just curious…thanks
  • I noticed you have several email service providers..is it for different reasons?
  • What are pre-cart pages?
  • Paul, what’s the difference between with the marketplace templates?
  • Why do you usually suppress Facebook?
  • Paul, is the Legal Information beyond that link something you have customized, or does LeadPages have standard language there?
  • Paul, where do you store your PDF’s and how do you protect them?
  • What is the best opt in page where I can use a video?
  • Could you show an example of how to integrate a thank you page to a lead page?
  • Paul, for a marketer that is starting to build a list, how they can best leverage lead page to build the list?
  • What are the top 3 Leadpages templates you use? You mentioned 2 part give-away – what others?
  • Paul – If you use leadPages – what are you using as list build your right navigation (all your WP pages incl blog posts, etc)
  • Have you used a 3 part video learning series template? if so what are your thoughts?
  • Do you need to link the template to your website, or just leave as is in lead pages? I thought Carrie worked with lead pages only at one time in the past when she had problems with her website?
  • I never understood about Lead Magnets… do now 8o)
  • I’m struggling with how to do the line-up for a paid webinar (course) with Go To Webinar integration– optin to sales page to PayPal to registration…..? When I’ve tried setting them up they went straight to Go To Webinar registration… skipping the $$ part!
  • Where do you get/make your 3D book images?
  • Did I see that LeadPages does not integrate with Infusionsoft?
  • When you have a template that has bullets – like little check marks by a list of what a product contains or covers – is there a way to add more bullets to the template?
  • What what would you use to sell a affliate offer? So for my audience using a video for a special offer if they purchase from my link?
  • Are there any analytics to do with Lead Pages? Thank you…Scott :) Great webinar!
  • You changed the vieo specs- won’t that distort it?
  • So…could you use that video template to deliver a video “course?” If so, is there a way to make it so they can’t simply share the URL anywhere they want?
  • When they click “Get instant access” on a LeadBox, does it THEN take them to another page, or just close so they stay on your site? How do YOU like to deliver the pdf, ebook, etc. that you offer from a LeadBox?
  • What is the plug in for Word Press?
  • How do you choose which templates to use? Do you just look around and see which one you like, or do you go by the highest converting page according to leadpages
  • Do you ever do split testing on lead pages?
  • AWESOME! You’re AMAZING COACH, MENTOR and I feel you are a friend too. Come to LA?
  • This was AWESOME training Paul – Thank you… You are so becoming my FAVORITE person!!
  • Thanks Paul – – love the difference between education & training definition. this training has been very helpful to provide more clarity around leadpages – thank you!!!
  • Thank you so much Paul. I am delighted you volunteered to do this
  • Great training Paul as always. Very generous of you:)

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Rule Your Results #2 : Control Your Thoughts

Lots of positive feedback from Law #1 – Control Your Time. Control Your Destiny.

Maybe you feel like Stan who commented…

I plead guilty. I agree with all of the above 100%. The problem with a lot of us, including myself, is that we are new to the business and are suffering with information overload. We’re going in ten different directions and accomplishing nothing. Just spending hours in front of the computer reading emails and sales letters for the next best great thing to make money. At some point we have to realize that we just can’t buy and do all this stuff at once. Stop buying stuff and FOCUS on one thing that we already have. And do it ruthlessly and relentlessly like you said. Thanks for the tips.
Stan S.

On to…

Rule Results: Law #2 – Control Your Thoughts.

Instead of letting your mind wander, get aggressive with your head.

Stop letting just anything in. Be selective.

Stop letting it go where it wants all the time.

Tiger Woods didn’t control his thoughts and you see where he went for a while… into hiding.

Focusing on your goal requires taking your thoughts captive. You cannot afford to get distracted. When you waste time, you waste momentum.

When you’re writing an article and you hear your email alarm, your messenger bong or your social media alert – and you actually follow like Pavlov’s dog you are NOT controlling your thoughts. They are controlling you.

What do you think about? What rolls through your brain?

“Someone has an important message for me!” “Someone has just tweeting something entertaining!”

And just like that you’ve given your focus over to the non-essential.

Here’s some help in controlling your thoughts…

Think Specifically.

Concentrate on being precise.

Let’s say you’re moving in on goal X and you’re taking action Y. How EXACTLY will Y help you achieve X?

When the interruptions and distractions come ask yourself, “How will this help be get to X?” If it doesn’t, then shelve it. Move back to the action you KNOW is helping you right now.

Think Profitably.

Concentrate on current action and complete it. That way you can lay down at night knowing you’ve been productive. You can rest in the confidence that the day was not a waste, but profitable toward your goals.

Think Directionally.

Concentrate on your internal GPS. Where do you want to go? What will it look like when you get there? What will it take to get there?

Your GPS should become your guide and filter for any diversions or side roads.

The answers to all those questions should be extremely clear. And if you couldn’t answer them instantly, start thinking about them right now.

The general population reacts. They react to what they see and hear around them. Little thought. Little planning.

YOU can really separate yourself by taking thought initiative. Control your thinking. Be intentional with what goes on in your head and what goes on in your head.

Success is NOT an Accident!


Mom Turns 70

My mom turns 70 today!

For most of my time at home she was a single
parent. I was a mess. And they had not
diagnosed or medicated whatever it was
i had!

But she worked hard. Supported me and my
sister, and I look back with a lot of smiles and
great memories!

Saturday night we had a birthday party for
her and she was super surprised. There
were a lot of laughs, tears and good times.

One of the biggest reasons for my success
is because of mom’s complete bias. She
always pumped us up. Always told us we
could do anything. Always said we were
the smartest. Always cheered us on even
when we were losing. Always comforted
us when we failed. Always celebrated with
“I knew you could” when we succeeded.

Here’s to you mom and other moms
around the world who keep encouraging,
building and shaping!

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