Eat with Your Audience

My boys and I love Waffle House.

Maybe it’s the golden waffles.

Maybe it’s the bacon.

Maybe it’s the risk associated with less than stellar health ratings.

Regardless, we talk, we laugh we have a blast.

That’s usually what happens when sharing a meal.

So here’s the suggestion… take your audience out to eat.


Reserve a table for five. Then tweet or post or email or podcast an invitation. The first four to reply get a seat at the table. You pick up the tab.

Begin by having everyone give a self-introduction…

Where they live.
What they do for a living.

Ask four questions during the meal…

#1 What was your favorite thing to do as a child?

#2 What event shaped your life more than any other?

#3 In five years where do you want to be?

#4 What’s your biggest challenge with _______?

The blank in #4 is your main topic or market.

Most of the time we sit around trying to figure out what’s happening in the hearts of audience. Just take them out. Ask a few questions. Stop guessing and imagining. Get to know real people.

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P.S. This is the third article in the Know Your Audience Series

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One thought on “Eat with Your Audience

  1. I absolutely love this idea. It makes me think of the book ‘never eat alone’ by Keith Ferazzi.
    Regardless of whether or not you pick up the tab, I have no doubt that people would love an opportunity to sit down with like-minded people and have a meal together.