Forget About What Others Think About You

Forget About What Others Think About You

“Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?” Apostle Paul.

We’re afraid of making enemies. Afraid of conflict. Afraid of disagreements.

So we write, speak, record in a safety net.


We work hard to please as many people as possible. If we don’t, we might get a negative comment. A hateful email. A bad tweet.

And then…

How in the world will we control perception? How will we control what other people think about us? How will we remain liked by the masses?

When Paul wrote, “Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth,” he wasn’t trying to be mean or brash or harsh. He was trying to be helpful. He wasn’t thinking about himself, but of his audience. He was writing in their best interest even if it cost him some likes.

If we are going to engage our audience to the max, then we need to…

Share Need Over Want

I want to eat the donut and bacon. I need to eat the grilled chicken. I’m fat because I choose the first and promise myself the second later.

What’s bad for me tastes GREAT. What’s good for me is OK but I don’t crave it.

We’ve got to stop giving in to the cravings of the crowd. Almost every blogger, writer and speaker on the planet is boring because they focus on giving people what they want.

Why? Because they want to be liked, applauded , agreed with, and affirmed.

Listen, our audience is not our therapist. We are here to serve them. They are not here to heal us. So stop worrying so much about what others think about you and give your people your best. Share what will help them the most. Even if you make a few enemies along the way.


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