Yes…. at 5.5.5. I realize it’s ironic I am writing an article on growth. 😉

So this is not about physical growth, but self growth.

It’s easy to stay where we are because it takes no effort. No strain. No pain.

Growth requires intention. Movement. Direction. Discipline.

It’s not accidental.

Children grow because of nutrients, love, affection, education and more, right?

It’s not a mystery. There’s no secret.

As adults the temptation is to rest and enjoy what we’ve worked for. Instead we need to keep pushing. Keep going. Keep growing.

How do we grow?

Decide > Learn > Act > Evaluate > Adapt > Adopt

Decide on the destination. I think about this as your mission.

Learn what it will take to get you there.

Last night Gary Key said, “Learning gives us the knowledge to ACT in the direction of our MISSION.”

Act. Thinking is theoretical. Action is factual. People will tell you all the time they are thinking about doing _______. But it’s all smoke until the steps are taken.

Evaluate. Everything we learn does not translate into perfect results. Take the results you get and decide how well the action worked.

Adapt. Make the changes needed before taking the next step.

Adopt. When something does work the way you planned then adopt it. No need to change it right now. Just keep doing it for positive results.

That may seem overly simplistic, but it works.

Examine your life today.

What’s growing?

What’s stunted?

What’s rotting?

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