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Whew! Back from a whirlwind trip to London. Landed Friday morning at 10:15 and returned home at 11:45 Monday morning.

It was a fast and fun weekend of training and tooling about central London a bit.

In this age of webinars and teleseminars why take the time and expense of crossing the pond?


Christian Baker and I can talk via Skype or Twitter, but it’s not the same as hearing about his family in person.

Amy Harrison, my favorite copywriter, can email back and forth, but that can’t beat her in person energy.

Simon Jordan and I have talked a tad about the upcoming Speak, Shoot, Sell event. But it was important for us to connect in person. (So he could witness first hand unmedicated ADHD.)

Carrie Wilkerson and I are best friends and talk all the time. Our families are close. Yet, nothing takes the place of sharing a meal of fish and chips, while laughing hysterically at with Simon.

A life of value comes through mutual influence and impact. Putting ourselves in a position to learn and to be learned from.

Here are five ways to influence and impact your friends, clients and loved ones…

#1 Be Intentional.

Accept and embrace your responsibility as a leader in your market. Make a focused effort to make a measurable difference.

There’s plenty of white noise in the world – no need for us to contribute.

Spend five minutes watching any cable news or opinion program and it will be nothing but critiques and judgment. “Coaching from the stands” so to speak. Very little of real value that will change the world.

But YOU can change the world. You can decide to be intentional with the change you want to make. You can step out with a plan to make it happen, rather than just talking about it.

#2 Be Available

John Maxwell put it best, “You can impress people from a distance. You can only impact them up close.”

Making a memorable difference requires close-knit connection.

Whew! This is NOT natural for me. I’m fine on stage with 5,000 in the crowd. One on one with a stranger? I struggle.

However, if we’re going to help as many as possible then we must be creatively accessible. That’s why live training and seminars are so valuable. It gives you the opportunity to meet your customers and clients in person. Being in the same place at the same time will build the connection in a lasting way.

#3 Be Present

You’ve met and talked with thousands in your lifetime. How many were present? How many gave you their full attention? No looking over your shoulder. No getting distracted. Not acting like you’re beneath them.

Now then… how many times have you given others your full presence? Ahh… it’s not easy is it?

Yet one of the greatest compliments we can give another (or receive from someone) is the gift of full attention.

This video clip will share the concept better than I ever could. Don’t get lost in the politics – grab the principle. It’s Bill Clinton’s “Reality Distortion Field.”

#4 Be Clear

What impact do you WANT or feel CALLED to make? Have excruciating clarity on the difference you want to bring to the lives of others.

“Hoping to make a difference” is too risky. Don’t leave it up to hope. Write it down. What is the end result or benefit people will get from being around you? What are the results of customers buying and applying your products?

#5 Be Engaged

Life’s too brief to be monochrome. Be alert and focused. Be ALIVE.

You can’t “make every moment count.” That’s impossible and too much unrealistic pressure. However, we can decide which events and people require our full engagement and which require little.

Influence and impact through being engaged can be simple…

  • Not using your phone at dinner.
  • Listening closely to an audience member with a question.
  • Actively being interested.
  • Taking the initiative to do something special and unexpected for someone.
  • Remembering a conversation and later saying, “You really changed my thinking when you said ______.”

Each day provides a new opportunity to be a positive influence on those around us. Each action may leave a memorable impact on the life of someone just about ready to give up.

Success is NOT an Accident,

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