Mom Turns 70

My mom turns 70 today!

For most of my time at home she was a single
parent. I was a mess. And they had not
diagnosed or medicated whatever it was
i had!

But she worked hard. Supported me and my
sister, and I look back with a lot of smiles and
great memories!

Saturday night we had a birthday party for
her and she was super surprised. There
were a lot of laughs, tears and good times.

One of the biggest reasons for my success
is because of mom’s complete bias. She
always pumped us up. Always told us we
could do anything. Always said we were
the smartest. Always cheered us on even
when we were losing. Always comforted
us when we failed. Always celebrated with
“I knew you could” when we succeeded.

Here’s to you mom and other moms
around the world who keep encouraging,
building and shaping!

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Facebook comments:

  • Jay Vikaz

    Wonderful tribute, Paul. What an amazing and warm person she seems to be! A very Happy Birthday to your mom and wishing her many more wonderful birthdays to come.

  • Joi

    My word, what Fountain of Youth is this lady keeping secret?! Apparently 70 is the new 49. Wow.

    • Joangreen95

      What a wonderful lady God bless her what would we do without our moms

  • Rachel

    Your Mom looks great at 70 🙂  Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Evans

  • Pattimassullo

    How sweet Paul. I did the same thing for my mom’s 70th. My mom also was a single mom of five of us. So glad you have her near you. Happy Birthday Mrs. Evans!!