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  • You have little or no speaking experience
  • You've only spoken for free
  • You don't have a clue about how to get started
  • You've tried other methods and been disappointed
  • You've fallen for the lies that say it takes a long time to get established

I have just completed Paul Evans' PAID, and I asked myself why?

 Why was this not around when I began speaking? It would have saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of worry and pain. 

This is full of practical examples and provides a step-by-step, easy to follow system for making safe and proven decisions as you take your speaking career to a new level.  

Follow the 'Twelve Keys' in PAID and you cannot fail.

There are many people who want to be a great speaker but very few who actually have the courage to step out and become one. This will give you the foundation you need to step up and stride out with confidence and professionalism.

PAID is a 'must have' resource for your personal and professional growth. Paul Evans will mentor you step by step in how to generate the speaking fees you deserve as a professional speaker in this training and you will not be left wondering what to do and how to do it when you have finished.

Eugene Moreau

Author 'The Public Speakers Little Black Book'



Dear Speaker,


Forget paying your dues. Forget about struggling up the ladder of success. Forget the long depressing road from the "rubber chicken dinner circuit" to the filet mignon conference schedule. That’s not for you.


There are tons of books that can take you down an excruciating road to being a paid speaker. They talk about how long it takes. How good you have to be. How you have to be willing to accept tiny fees before expecting higher ones. I’ve read most of those books, maybe you have too. Did you feel like you were miles away from any real money or opportunity when you read them?


Me too.

Become a professional speaker. Make money speaking. Start a career in public speaking. Become a motivational speaker.

Stop Listening to Typical Advice About Professional Speaking


Here's the typical advice given to beginning speakers, and why I didn’t buy it when I got started.


Typical Advice #1: Give a hundred or so free speeches so you can prove you’re a wanted speaker.


I didn’t buy it. Businesses and organizations are desperate to fill speaking slots for meetings. Everyday in an average sized city you could speak free at breakfast, lunch, and supper. I’m not against speaking for free. I encourage you to do two free engagements. But that’s it. You can do more if you like, but it’s not necessary.


 Typical Advice #2: After you’ve proven your worth you can begin to charge $25 - $100 for an event. Wow! That much!! ;-)


I didn’t buy it. Certainly a life experience, or information that can change lives is worth much more than one Ben Franklin. Isn’t there an experience in your life, or knowledge in your head, that’s much more valuable than that? Of course there is.


 Typical Advice #3: Once people are paying you tiny sums, you need to invest large sums. You’re expected to put together a media kit with a glossy photo, studio quality demo tape, professional one sheet, letterhead with logo that matches your positioning, classy designed brochure…(Can you hear the cash being sucked out of your account like water up the trunk of an elephant just so you can look like a professional speaker?).


I didn’t buy it.  Having all that gear does not guarantee a single booking. And how many bookings would you need to get to pay back all the expense? It’s just not worth it.


Typical Advice #4: Make hundreds of cold calls and send one of those fancy media kits to anyone who acts remotely interested. Pray for a return call.


I didn’t buy it. Do you like telemarketers? Do you like people who you don’t know calling and trying to sell you something? Me either. There had to be a better, easier, way.




Thanks for the four step plan of going from zero to $1,000. I have been traveling the 'beaten path' for two years. I am not moving over to the road less traveled. Once I have my initial presentation modeled I too am planning on seeing the same level of success and hopefully just as fast.


So many other speaking programs give you theory and concepts and loose guidelines. You set down on paper a step by step 'process' that anyone can follow (and actually this anyone is following) I am current modeling my version of your free presentation and have already identified my first market to focus on. That's another thing - you gave some key points on focusing on a market and even gave ideas on finding one (which is how I picked mine.)


If you're sitting there thinking about it...DO IT! If you are genuinely interested in becoming a PAID speaker this program has the best ROI of all the programs I have invested in (and I have invested in quite a few). I have come farther with PAID in the past month than I have in the past year - and if my plan unfolds - I'll see more success in the next 2-3 months than I have seen in the last two years.


Tracy Brinkmann's Success Atlas




Is there a shortcut? Can you really bypass the typical route and get paid more, faster?




It’s called…  

paid to speak

In step by step fashion you’ll discover the inside secrets of…

  • How I went from ZERO to $1,000 in only four engagements. Blow by blow. Detail by detail. Without a demo tape. Without a glossy photo. Without a press kit. I was actually PAID by engagement 3!

  • How to choose a topic that organizations will pay top dollar to hear.

  • Three critical questions that hold the answers to your professional speaking riches.

  • Gain the confidence you need to command the fees you want.

  • Who you must target if you want to get paid.

  • How to attack the nerve of the industry you’re after.

  • What to say when talking to someone who can hire you.

  • How to get someone else to make the calls and get you booked – without costing you a dime!

  • Perfect testimonial letters. You’ll get several real letters. Plus one of them is dissected so you can see the ten areas you need in every testimonial letter.

  • Ways to turn one engagement into multiple events.

  • 12 Keys to Maximum Fees.

  • Techniques for tapping into expert resources that will save you years of painful experiences.

  • Evaluating each engagement so you can strengthen your process and make more money. You’ll even get a checklist to help you do it right.

  • How to silence the voices of doubt that discourage you from following your dream.

  • The two psychological areas of attack speakers are most susceptible to and how to overcome them.

  • Contrarian wisdom verses conventional wisdumb.

  • The formula for discovering your message's true worth so you can maximize your fee.

  • Why you don’t reveal how little or much you have been speaking.

  • Two options for still getting paid even if your fee is rejected.

  • The worst way to determine your fee. Steer clear of this money snatcher at all costs.

  • How to find out you really could have made at an engagement. What you get paid and what you could have gotten paid are two different figures. This is like having a spy camera inside the walls of the organization.

  • The risky move I made to get $1,000 for 32 minutes.

  • Three ways to immediately raise your fees.

  • The easiest way to create repeat engagements.

  • The 7 most common fee blunders and what to do about them.

Dear Paul,


I went thru PAID last night, and I LOVE IT. I've been a Sales Manager in a women's clothing company for almost eleven years, and every time I train or speak, people come up to me and tell me that I should be a professional speaker. Finally a couple years ago I joined a speaker's group that promised to do all kinds of marketing for me and to get me engagements -- HA! After taking a large sum of my money, they've given me one FREE engagement after another. About six months ago, I decided this was ridiculous and that I wouldn't speak anymore unless I had a true desire and/ or passion to speak to a particular group for free. I also decided that I would no longer try to launch my speaking career without product behind me.


Your book has shown me how I can launch my professional speaking business even without product behind me. I still see product (books, tapes, and videos) as a very beneficial thing, as I can see that you do too. But if we have something of value to share, we can and should get paid for it!


Thank-you! And congratulations on refusing to buy the average human saga of how things have to be. I also am inspired by your desire and ability to take a situation that many would see only as tragedy and transform it into a message that blesses and teaches thousands how to be extraordinary and lead an exceptional life.


You are clearly outstanding! Be sure to give yourself a BIG gold star today!



Tammy Stanley


Why Am I So Confident that YOU Can Do This?

I'm a professional communicator - which means I write, speak, and create for a living. One of my specialties is helping speakers get good and get paid - fast!

One day I was in my cubical dreaming of freedom. I had been speaking at some church and civic events for free or next to nothing and thought, "There has to be something I can share that people would pay for."

But there was a problem. No one is impressed when you tell them you speak at church or for community organizations. How could I slip into the corporate business world with absolutely no experience speaking to that type of crowd. More importantly, how could I get them to pay me?

Tough questions.

So I started making a blueprint. I wanted to be making $1,000 in just a handful of engagements. As it turned out, it only took FOUR! This is not a hypothetical process. It's been done. I've done it. You can too!

Since then I have given more than 2,500 presentations. I've helped over 35,000 people reach their dream of becoming a public speaker. And my non-celebrity keynote fee is $10K

PAID takes you step by step through exactly what I did. AND it shows you precisely how to apply these steps to your particular dream.


Hi Paul,

Frankly I was very skeptical about PAID, I thought here's just another product making big promises. I'm a professional entertainer and certified hypnotist trying to break into the speaking market.

The investment in your training was not much compared to what I've shelled out before, so I laid my money down not expecting much in return, but ever hopeful. I was very surprised when I started watching the modules in that it presents some really refreshing ideas in getting started.

In fact just today, a mere few days after getting PAID, I began negotiating with the local Chamber of Commerce to present for them at a very good beginning fee, using the very ideas and suggestions from your training. Paul your story is very sincere, your willingness to share your information is really appreciated.

I'm looking forward to a long profitable relationship with you. 

Rick Allen, CH




Who CAN'T Make Money with This System

This isn’t for everyone. Here are two types of people who absolutely DO NOT need to purchase this PROFIT system. I'm serious. If you qualify for any of the below descriptions, please do not order.

The Complicated. If you like to over complicate things, you won’t like this instruction manual. This is step by step with no guesswork required. It’s not like decoding a secret message. It’s easy to understand. You won’t get lost. A majority of materials out there on speaking for pay leave you wondering, “But will this work for me?”  Not this system.

The Workaholic. I know speakers who love the process more than the result. This system will not require you to produce mountains of flyers, signed photos, demo tapes, or any of the other stuff that can break you before you get started. The workaholic gets so into the method the he or she forgets to get booked. Or gets so excited about an engagement that fee is not discussed. These people are perfect for the 200+ free engagement mindset. The more they speak, the busier they are, the better they feel even if they have no money to show for it.

Who CAN Make Money With This System?




Hey Paul,


I've been in the speaking game for a little while now and I wish that I had this system when I first got started. It would have saved me time and money. The most important part of this system is the ease of

getting started.


This system will enhance anything else that is out in the marketplace. And it has powerful information in it that I've seen for the first time.


Jump at getting this system if you really want to get into the paid speaking business - otherwise just keep on speaking for free. Even seasoned speakers could benefit from this.


Bob Choat, C.Ht., GMS
Author of the book - "The Inspired Warrior"

Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Warrior

Certified NLP Trainer



Will you still be searching the net a year from now thinking, "I wonder how much cash I would have raked in by now with PAID?"


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Bonus #3: The Paid Process Chart

Tag gave me permission to reprint a portion of her book, “Become a Motivational Speaker.” The section you’ll get for FREE will help you uncover a powerful, profit filled, message. ($50)



$497.00 worth of materials. Actual value??? Tens of thousands if applied. But you know you're not going to pay that much, right? Order right now and you can get the entire package for only $97. 


Hi Paul,


Another great insightful and information packed product. One would have to be some sort of  Neanderthal to not use the information provided. As I once heard someone say, "Why bother re-inventing the wheel ?"  Thanks for the wheel.


Anyway, love your style and delivery, I look forward to the next resource, whatever the subject, I know it will be packed with useful information. Please feel free to quote me.

Mike Welton




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P.S. -  Will you still be searching the net a year from now thinking, "I wonder how much cash I would have raked in by now with the PAID?" How much money are you cheating your bank account by not letting people pay you to speak? It doesn't matter if you're just getting started, or you've been speaking for years. The PAID will maximize your bank account by giving you a set of fast track tools that any speaker can apply immediately.