Paul B Evans


Success is NOT an Accident!


"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." ~Earl Nightingale.

  • The most successful are really just being themselves. Unashamed and unrestrained.
  • What are you looking for? What are you pursuing? What are you going after?
  • You're not going to become better in your life or your business by accident.

When you live on purpose you become intentional about each step you take toward your goal.

“Paul is my favorite speaker. Period.”

- Carrie Wilkerson, author, speaker,  consultant 




Monotony and mediocrity crush the spirit and create an autopilot life. Living on Purpose creates momentum and motivation for making each day count.

  • How to acknlowledge and release your very best each day.
  • How intentionality multiplies results and delivers meaning to each action.
  • The 3 best ways to stay on mission so you can remain focused and on fire.

In this kynote I share the story of the loss of my wife, Sherri. Our son Sam was just five weeks old at the time. Tragedy shapes our lives and often gives us the choice of retreat or renewal. 



You already know "how to" here's the will and the want to. Things aren't going to just happen, but most of the time we fail to get to the finish line.

  • 3 damaging effects of stalling or quitting your dreams.
  • 5 principles for breakthrough when you want to breakdown and stop
  • The (i________ + i________) x i___________ = Transformation Formula

"Paul provides clarity in this seminar on how you can achieve your purpose or Goals in life - it's a simple to follow roadmap that if followed will describe simply how you can get where you want to go - AND, actually arrive there! He also clearly points out that YOU have to do the driving and with purpose and intent otherwise you will not get to you destination. Follow it and you will get where you want to go or be what you want to be. Paul Evans is the most entertaining and clear speaker I have heard. Thanks for the seminar it is a real gift to everyone." Bill O'Connor



Only 8% of goal setters actually accomplish their goal even tho they are taking the right steps. The set the goal, create a plan, start strong.. but somewhere along the way things fall apart. This keynote and training provides a new way to stay on course.

  • The 5 stones of getting the results you want.
  • The best way the "undisciplined" can set and reach their goals.
  • How to create a step by step process for achievement.
  • The Pretty and Ugly WHY and how they contribute to success. One of those practically forces you to succeed.
  • Pinpointing your Tombstones, so you will know what can get you off track and be ready to face the struggle.

In this keynote I share how the 5 stones process allowed me to train and finish a half-marathon in under 8 weeks of prep time. And no, I had not been running and was 25 pounds overweight.

"Paul Evan's is one of the masters of time management. I have been following him for years and am most impressed by his ability to achieve again and again and again. He sets his goals and goes after them without fail. 5 Stones  gets you on track fast. Even if you only use a few of the principles and guidelines he lays out there, you and your team will be far ahead of the game and you will soon start to reap the rewards of extra time and productivity!" Melissa Waldon


keynote / workshop

Get more done, in less time, more accurately.

  • A step-by-step plan for discovering fixed and flex time.
  • How becoming a time Orge sets you free and gives you focus.
  • When you can do in one hour what takes others eight, you have huge leverage. When you are able to focus for thirty honest minutes, you can literally lap the field in your market.

"Paul is clear, concise and has a sense of humor. He walks you through everything in a step by step manner, making it so easy to understand and implement. He is my favorite trainer, and I've experienced many. The ROI on his teaching  is HUGE." Cayce Crowne, The Crowne View



This keynote is specifically for the life insurance industry. It shares the loss of my wife when our son was five weeks old and the great support I received from my agent.

  • The 5 Powers of a Super Agent
  • How to create a business of support and service.
  • After this message, you will be even more proud to be in the life insurance field. You will get fresh ways to reinvigorate your business. 

"Paul's story of how our industry served him and his family is nothing short of inspiring. No only was I encouraged, I was ready to step up my game and play bigger. I am grateful for this message and grateful to be able to serve my clients so they can face whatever may come without worry." Joe Donaldson, New York Life

Paul B Evans


  • Healthy Body
  • Healthy Mind
  • Healthy Business
  • As Paul would say, “Success is NOT an Accident,” and you will achieve the success you want when you start learning from him.”
    Lewis Howes
    School of Greatness
  • Paul has a knack for engaging audiences–and teaching others how to do the same. He makes the difficult seem doable by providing simples, practical steps.
    Erin Casey
    editor, Success
  • I highly recommend Paul Evans, Paul is a phenomenal speaker and trainer, he is one of the most captivating speakers I’ve ever heard. 
    Christian Baker
    Performance Consultant



“I recently experienced working with Paul Evans in London and I was immediately struck his style.  He is possibly one of the most authentic, natural speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to and his teaching style emulates this.  His abillity to communicate on an effective level to everyone in the room on both on content and engagement is outstanding.  My first speaking engagement to a large audience was just a couple of days after and I have no doubt it transformed my performance to the point that I actually enjoyed it!” Jennie HK, Lifestyle Strategist

"You were absolutely superb, and I am so grateful you were able to share your message with our agency. Paul, you are a gifted communicator with a story to tell. Your message was right on, and the points you made from the client beneficiary perspective, inspired us all to appreciate just how big an opportunity we have to impact lives around us, if we manage our role and relationships effectively.
Not only were you inspiring and uplifting, but you were challenging as well. The feedback has been terrific, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know you. As you promised, you did entertain, encourage and equip. Thanks again for your effort and please feel free to use me as a strong reference and grateful client." William Goodwin, Northwestern


  • Degree in busines management
  • Author of 8 books
  • Creator of 10 online products
  • Helping more than 75,000 achieve their goals


Author and international speaker, Paul Evans, opened his first business at the age of 20, a fitness center. Since that time he has owned and partnered in a restaurant, IT company, real estate, and a mergers and acquisitions company.

Today he operates from, which helps individuals and companies achieve more, engage their audience and build their online presence. He has helped over 75,000 people achieve their dream of starting and growing a personal business.

Paul's most recent books are Success is NOT an Accident! and Live On Purpose. Both of which take a no excuse, no platitude approach to getting the results you desire.

Impact: Through the work of 100x Missions, Paul has helped build orphanages in 10 countries, having been on the ground at each location. He believes we should work not just for the betterment of our families, but to help others who do not have our advantages or resources.