Personal Performance

Personal Performance allows us to work together personally to achieve the fastest results possible in your productivity and/or communications.

Your Personal Performance Plan will be unique to you so each individual proposal varies.

Here are the primary options…

Elite Presentation Consulting/Coaching

Keynote speaking, board presentations, addressing the entire company and the like requires the highest level of communication and connection. Unfortunately we’ve all been in the audience of a high powered CEO who knew how to run the organization, but did not possess the ability to keep the interest of a crowd.

Performance Protocol

Chances are high that you’re not exactly sure where you are losing time and/or losing business. We’l send 3 days together as I shadow you. Watching every effort and listing to every conversation to discover your leaks. We’ll debrief every point of contact to strengthen your performance in all areas.

Communication Concierge

One of my clients, John, noticed that he kept getting ignored when leaving messages and sending emails. When not ignored, he noticed responses were direct and often heated. He couldn’t figure out the issue.

I suggested he let me listen to his messages and that he send me his emails BEFORE sending them out – then, if needed, I’d suggest revisions.

Every email needed revising. As the CEO, John felt he had the “right” to communicate to employees, banks, investors all the same. After changing his communication style, his deals closed faster and his relationships became anchored.

Strategic Platform

Only a few years ago we were limited to one form of speaking… the stage. Now we are in the age of the multi-platform business. Podium, webinars, podcasts, video, teleseminars, streaming events, websites and more. I’ll work with you to develop and launch the perfect campaign for you and/or your company.

VIP Intensive

Four – Six hours can change your life. We’ll spend these hours together one-on-one to overhaul, redesign and revive every segment of your communication.

If any of these options connect with you, please use my contact form to get in touch and I will put together a proposal for you.